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Syncfusion React UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

December 17, 2021


  • Resolved the issue with nodeClicked event is not triggered while rendering Tree View inside office-ui-fabric Panel.
  • Provided new types of overflow mode and as follows:
  • Menu: Shows the number of breadcrumb items that can be accommodated within the container space, and creates a sub menu with the remaining items.
  • Wrap: Wraps the items on multiple lines when the Breadcrumb’s width exceeds the container space.
  • Scroll: Shows an HTML scroll bar when the Breadcrumb’s width exceeds the container space.
  • None: Shows all the items on a single line.
  • Provided cancel support in beforeItemRender event.
Breaking Changes
  • Provided disabled property in Breadcrumb and Breadcrumb’s Item instead of using CSS class e-disabled.
  • Removed width property from Breadcrumb component, you can set width in the style attribute of CSS to breadcrumb’s element or its parent element.


  • #I346999 - Data labels are now working properly while legend click.
  • #I349146 - Range area and scatter series working fine on canvas mode.
  • #I271263,#I344376 - Provided grouping support for the column and bar chart based on categories.
  • #F163374 - Provided color support to the highlighted point.
  • #I342748 - Fixed width support have been provided for chart area.
  • #I280225, #I340912 - Provided support to rotate y-axis labels to a given angle.
  • #I345716 - Provided support to reverse the rendering order of the legend items in a chart.
  • Right to Left(RTL) feature added for all chart elements like legend, tooltip, data label, title, etc.


  • Issue with checkbox in talkback has been resolved.


  • #I308047 - Provided the deleted event support for the Chips component.


  • #I342682 - Expand query is not generated properly has been fixed.


  • SF-356262 - The issue “Dragging and Drop node not working properly by enabling page settings” has been fixed.
  • F170399 - The issue “Unable to cast exception occurs when clicking on the expand icon” has been fixed.
  • #I337722 - The issue “Connector Position not Updated Properly when rotating it with segments” has been fixed.
  • #I341943 - The issue “BringIntoView API does not bring the large bounds into the screen viewport” has been fixed.
  • #I342681 - The issue “BPMN Task shape becomes ellipse shape when printing the diagram” has been fixed.
  • #I342979 - The issue “While loading the JSON data with line routing causes exception in Angular” has been fixed.
  • #I345844 - The issue “An exception occurs when perform search in the symbol palette” has been fixed.
  • #F169922 - The issue “Need to provide support to set assistants based on datasource field in organizational chart” has been fixed.
  • #I345570 - The issue “Nodes doesn’t gets arranged in zindex order after grouping it” has been fixed.
  • #I346110 - The issue “Text did not display on Connector line after adjusting the Bezier Connector” has been fixed.
  • #I346676 - The issue “Drag and drop item from Tree-View to Diagram doesn’t behave correctly” has been fixed.
  • #I347727 - The issue “RemovePalette API not working properly” has been fixed.
  • #I348028 - The issue “SelectionChange newValue is null when deselecting one of multiple selected shapes” has been fixed.



-#I327060 - Provided the new method getDimension to get the current width and height of the dialog.

Document Editor

  • #I348089 - Resolved the protected columns, rows, and cells editing issue.
  • #I344822 - Word with hyphen characters are now displayed properly.
  • #I345558 - Resolved the table layout for the nested table with position.
  • #I346408 - Table cell content reversed on undo is now resolved.
  • #I346992 - Paragraph with widow/orphan property is now displayed properly.
  • #I341119 - Document with image and table with top and bottom wrapping style is now opened properly.
  • #I344713- Resolved table header row rendering issue.
  • #I341963, #I341840 - Resolved the table rendering issue.
  • #I344704 - Resolved issue with tracking changes in empty paragraph.
  • #I344351 - Line height is now calculated properly when space character has font size greater than the paragraph mark.
  • #I345759, #I343106- Resolved the table border rendering issue.
  • #I343645 - Table grid after width defined as percentage type is now properly exported in server-side.
  • #I341659 - Resolved the list alignment issue.
  • #I347230 - Line spacing value zero is now properly exported in server-side.
  • #I346468 - Resolved the document corruption issue due to z-order in server-side exporting.
  • #I344830 - Resolved exception in opening and saving the document with calculation type form field.
  • #I345582, #I341985 - Document with tab width is now displayed properly.
  • #I346985 - Line height is now properly updated for tab character when its font size greater than other elements in the line.
  • #FB29648 - Table rows/columns in header and footer are now resized properly.
  • #I349115 - Resolved the scrolling behaviour issue when using goToPage API.
  • #I348516 - Table/Cell background color is preserved properly during copy/paste.
  • #I341891 - Resolved the hanging issue while editing the footnote content.
  • #I344790 - Resolved the footnote overlapping issue when editing a table.
  • #I343310 - Resolved the blank page issue in the exported Word document due to footnote.
  • #I345594 - Resolved the new style listing problem when Document editor is localized for languages other than English.
  • #I344840 - Resolved the height and width for insertImage API.
  • #I343403 - Resolved the script error while opening document with tracked changes and restrict editing enabled.
  • #I342774 - The Word document is now exported properly when the document contains content control.
  • #I340276 - Resolved issue with entering custom date time value for form field.
  • #I344605 - Resolved the context menu displaying issue when multiple instances of Document Editor are used in same page.
  • #I337087, #I344332 - Improved the suggestion construction logic for error words.
  • #I338302 - Resolved the hanging issue when opening document with table.
  • #I339240 - RTL list is now deleted properly.
  • #I340758 - The Word document is now exported properly when the document contains table with merged cells.
  • #I341140 - Tracked changes is now updated properly for the existing empty line.
  • #F167253, #F168269 - Track changes pane visibility issue is now resolved.
  • #F168463 - The floating element with square wrapping style is now displayed properly.
  • #I338947 - Resolved the issue with undo after pasting Hebrew text.
  • #I341435 - Optimized the content change event triggering in Document Editor.
  • #I340867 - Selection is now working properly after applying character format.
  • #I341335 - Text formatting is now preserved properly for merge fields.
  • #I339239, #I339242, #I339021 - RTL text are now arranged properly.
  • #I335659 - RTL text are now preserved properly on undo/redo.
  • #I340643 - The comment mark is now removed properly when deleting comment.
  • #I339335 - Resolved the hanging issue when editing document with Hebrew text.
  • #I340121 - Resolved the issue with rendering elbow connector as line connector.
  • #I339453 - Resolved the issue with rendering a fixed width table.
  • #I341119 - Resolved the overlapping issue for image with top and bottom wrapping inside table.
  • #I339602 – Track changes is now updated properly in header and footer.
  • #I341964, #I342165 – RTL text is now arranged properly when copy/paste.
  • #I339714 – Footnote order is now updated properly.
  • #I339973 - Table is now preserved properly in the exported Word document.
  • #I340795 – Field is now copied properly.
  • #I339872 – Page number in footer is now updated properly.
  • #I339576, #F168072 – Resolved the issue in applying page orientation with the section break.
  • #I339027 – Resolved the script error in saving document with tracked changes in header/footer.
  • #I340532 – Html elements are now properly disposed.
  • #F168319 – Resolved the ViewChange event binding issue in Document Editor component.
  • #I341375 – Resolved the undo/redo issue in comment editing operations.
  • #I345565 - Added support for Word 2013 justification.
  • #I343497 - Added support to display the texture style for table cell shading.
  • #I343751 - Added alert window for row and column specified more than 63 and 32767 respectively in insert table dialog.
  • #I342110 - Added event to customize the XMLHttpRequest in DocumentEditor and DocumentEditorContainer component.
  • Overflow issue in ColorPicker has been resolved.

Excel Export

  • Internet Explorer version 11 Grid to Excel export issue is fixed.
  • Date issue is fixed for CSV export.
  • File corruption issue is fixed in Grid to Excel export.
  • Fixed currency format thousand separator missing issue.

File Manager

  • Provided support to customize the default search placeholder text of the File Manager.


  • #346141 - Issue with Gantt manipulates and change task data date values from original data has been fixed.
  • #F170644 - Issue in manual start date while mapping multiple parent levels has been fixed.
  • #F170274 - DateTimePicker is not rendering in dialog segment tab start date and end date columns has been fixed.
Breaking Changes
  • Original user datasource is maintained in taskData and datasource properties in Gantt during load time. It will update only after CRUD operation.
  • Original user datasource is maintained in taskData and dataSource properties in Gantt during load time. It will update only after CRUD operation.


  • #F170844 - Borderline issue in stacked column has been fixed.
  • #I355438 - Event argument type issue in actionComplete event while filtering is fixed.
  • #F170531 - wrong row information while clicking the custom sub context menu items id fixed.

In-place Editor

  • #I341653 - The issue with “Window resize event listener is not removed properly” has been resolved.


  • #FB29010 - The issue with ”showItemCount in swimlane row is not resetting to zero if no cards are present” has been resolved.
  • #F169010 - The issue with “The Kanban board refreshed before fetching data from the server” has been solved.


  • #F168185 - Issue with “Sorting is not applied properly with different text field in ListView component” has been resolved.
  • #F168185 - The issue with “Sorting is not applied properly when entering different values in the text field of the ListView component” has been resolved.


  • #F163990 - When the imageUrlValuePath property is set as the source image for the markers, image type markers will render properly.
  • GeoJSON maps with “LineString” geometry type is now supported in the Maps control.
  • When the animationDuration property is set, the zooming of map service providers such as OSM, Bing, and others is now smoother.


  • #I342476 - Issue with “ItemTemplate is not rendered properly when preselected item is cleared immediately after render” has been resolved.
  • #I349117 - Issue with “checkbox is not rendered in the group header while rendering component with group checkbox and group template” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

  • #I346343- Now, the text wraps based on the word length regardless of character length in free-text annotation.
  • #I354638 - Provided auto fit support to the free text annotations.

Pivot Table

  • #I349396 - When the virtual scrolling feature is enabled, as well as when members are filtered, the Pivot Table can now be rendered properly.
  • #I340539 - In Angular, the bundle size for Pivot Table has been reduced.
  • #I347116 - With the toolbar UI, the Pivot Chart is now refreshed properly.
  • #I347116 - With the Pivot Chart’s default settings, its labels are displayed properly.
  • #I348183 - While performing value sorting with a single measure, the Pivot Table will now be rendered properly.
  • #I348952 - In the pivot table, the tooltip for string fields is now properly displayed.
  • #F170928 - When using the virtual scrolling feature, the calculated field buttons with edit option inside grouping bar and field list layout are now properly displayed.
  • #F170654 - The caption in the grouping field buttons within the grouping bar and field list layout is now displayed properly.
  • #I295658, #I320675, #I329355, #F158271, #F158475 - Provided support to display summarized totals (grand totals) either at the first or last position in the Pivot Table’s row and column axes.
  • #I327744 - Provided support to align text for specific column headers.
  • #F159996 - Provided action begin and complete events to identify UI actions in the Pivot Table such as drill down/up, value sorting, grouping bar and field list UI actions, and CRUD operations. If the UI actions do not achieve the desired result, the action failure event is triggered.


  • #I347512 - The issue with “ColorPicker of Table quick toolbar got reset every time when quick toolbar rendered” has been resolved.
  • #I347324 - The issue with “pressing enter key creates a new line when read only mode is enabled dynamically” has been resolved.
  • #I355194 - The issue with “console error occurs when undo icon in the toolbar is clicked after inserting the content using the tribute js” has been resolved.
  • #I348822 - The issue with “selecting some content and applying font and background color alternatively will create some new elements” has been resolved.
  • #I349275 - The issue with “image resizing is not working properly when image height is greater than image width” has been resolved.


  • #I357194 - An issue while slower the performance of the schedule, while drag and drop the event with eventTemplate has been fixed.
  • #I256450, #I256493, #I341525 - Provides support for flexible month view that starts from the beginning of the week the displayed date falls in. Also, users can set the number of weeks to be displayed in the Month view.
  • #FB9963, #I331086 - Provided an option to customize the header names when the Scheduler is exported to Excel.
  • #I276542, #F169844 - Provided support to set the minimum event duration for appointments to make the event subject easier to read.
  • #I335888, #F167194, #F167235, #F169012, #F169593, #F169647 - Provides accessibility support for timeline year views to select multiple cells for actions.
  • #I347551 - The issue with “The sidebar main content margin value changes when using Sidebar type as Over and dock support” has been fixed.


The Signature component allows user to draw smooth signatures as vector outline of strokes using variable width Bézier curve interpolation. You can use your finger, pen, or mouse on a tablet, touchscreen, etc., to draw your own signature on this Signature component.

  • Customization - Support various customization options like background color, background image, stroke color, stroke width, save with background, undo, redo, clear, readonly, and disabled.
  • Load - Support to load the signature as base64.
  • Draw - Support to draw the text with the different font family and font size.
  • Save - Support to save the signature as image like PNG, JPEG, and SVG.


  • SF-356190 - Not able to change the cell value using beforeCellSave event issue resolved.
  • I346629 - Cell alignment issue while copy paste merged cell from Excel to Spreadsheet issue resolved.
  • F169598 - Sorting issue with number formatted data is resolved.
  • I351813 - Border missing for last merged cell while doing autofill issue has been resolved.
  • I347937 - Selection issue while load data with row height less than 4 pixel is resolved.
  • I356364 - Script error while selecting autofill option after clicking the autofill icon issue resolved.
  • I348734 - Copy/paste with conditional formatting not working issue resolved.
  • I347888 - Insert/delete rows and columns are not working with collaborative editing issue resolved.
  • I348334 - Cell misalignment while applying wrap on the pasted data issue resolved.
  • I348741 - Conditional format highlighting and cell background color overlaps on wrapped cell issue resolved
  • I343781 - Merge breaks on column copy/paste action issue resolved.
  • I347103 - Copy and paste working incorrectly while copy data in backward direction issue resolved.

Svg Base

  • #311306 - Position of Tooltip template has been changed.


  • #I302394 - Provided support to maintain the active item in either tab header area or inside the popup.
  • #F166169 - Provided support to identify the tab select event raised by user interaction or programmatic way.


  • #322737 - The container property support has been provided which allows to place the tooltip’s pop-up within any user preferred element.

Tree Grid

  • #I348001,#I349046,#I349018 Throws script error while performing scroll on Virtualization enabled has been fixed.
  • #F167694 Resolved state changes not reflected for Treegrid column directive.
  • Provided support for expandByKey, collapseByKey methods and improved expantAtLevel, collapseAtLevel methods for nested records in tree grid.
  • Provided Adaptive UI layout support for all devices.


  • #FB27518 - Provided support to wrap the TreeView node text when its text content exceeds the TreeView node width.

Visual Studio Code Extension

  • Updated the React 17.0 template in the Visual Studio Code Syncfusion Web Template Studio.