Essential Studio for React Release Notes

March 23, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #317061 - The merged cell table border rendering issue is resolved.
  • #318283 - Resolved script error while editing the last section header.
  • #310874 - The table with the merged cell is exporting properly.
  • #162017 - Restart page numbering is now preserved properly on exporting.
  • #316810 - Spell check script error is now resolved for layout type change.
  • #163236 - Strike through and underline content are now copy-pasted properly.


Bug Fixes

  • Console error when end date of segments is given as string has been fixed.


  • #317550 - Provided support to define valueAccessor as string.


Bug Fixes

  • #317578 - Throws script error while updating the template column in Batch edit mode issue has been fixed.
  • #316684, #319594 - Script error when drag rows from grid to other components issue has been fixed.
  • #317534 - Custom filtering not working when using filter template, has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #306927 - The exception will no longer be thrown while exporting the existing custom stamp annotations.


Bug Fixes

  • #316449 - The issue with “Warning occurs when using the ‘executeCommand’ public method with ‘insertHorizontalRule’” has been resolved.
  • #318815- The issue with “Resize grip of the image freezes, after resizing for the first time” has been resolved.
  • #317508- The issue with “Resize icon of an image is not positioned properly, when height is set to the Rich Text Editor” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F22773 - An issue with editor freezes when saving a task to repeat yearly on the last day of a month has been fixed.
  • #F163215 - An issue with one day block event renders for two days has been fixed.
  • #I316945 - An issue with recurrence events are not deleted properly in overview sample has been fixed.
  • #I317560 - An issue with Schedule events getting overlapped issue has been fixed.
  • #I313557 - An issue with scheduler resource header when enabled rowAutoHeight and height properties has been fixed.
  • #317799 - An issue with memory leak in Scheduler has been fixed.
  • #313715,320461 - An issue with script error throws while fast dragging of scheduler events has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #315820, #313937, #316711 - The issue with “Console error occurs on resizing when the splitter is rendered” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #317991 - Filter action works properly while using query property.
  • #318515 - Primary key column missing warning message shows properly.