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Syncfusion React UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

December 17, 2020



  • #293532 - Chart gets crash while using small values issue fixed.
  • #300644 - Data label template console error in canvas mode issue fixed.


  • #293361 - The issue with “The Chip is not selected while setting the string values” has been resolved.

Dashboard Layout

  • F159402 - The issue with “The Syncfusion components are not rendered inside the Dashboard Layout while using the selector template” has been resolved.
  • F159797 - Now, the Dashboard Layout component is also available in the Theme studio.


  • #304641 - This issue “Node does not gets selected on slight movement of mouse when drag constraints disabled for node ” has been fixed.
  • #301443 - This issue “update annotation for BPMN node, the node position gets changed ” has been fixed.
  • #301441 - This issue “BPMN Nodes dropped in wrong position ” has been fixed.
  • #304047 - This issue “Exception occurs when drag and drop the SVG node into diagram ” has been fixed.
  • #301792 - This issue “Child Node Rendering issue in organization chart ” has been fixed.
  • #300529 - This issue “Exception occurs while change the datasource for layout at runtime” has been fixed.
  • #302274 - This issue “Mindmap layout does not render properly” has been fixed.
  • #300499 - This issue “PositionChange event does not gets triggered for completed state” has been fixed.
  • #298898 - This issue “When save and load Bpmn subprocess node not loads properly” has been fixed.
  • F158465 - This issue “Context Menu items does not gets change at run time” has been fixed.
  • #285393 - This issue “Connector Target Point connection is not connected properly in line distribution” has been fixed.
  • #297343 - This issue “While undo and redo with line routing exception occurs” has been fixed.
  • F159245 - This issue “Node z index behaves incorrectly” has been fixed.
  • #300316 - This issue “Exception occurs when try to save diagram with prevent defaults set as true” has been fixed.
  • #292439 - The issue “Exception occurs when try to draw the connector using user handle” has been fixed.
  • #285393 - Line distribution functionality has been added.
  • Support added to arrange the child nodes in linear way.


  • #274382, #282351 - Provided the support to resize the dialog in all directions from all the edges and borders.

Document Editor

  • 227250, 143540, 234463, 252453, 267474, 67852, 268213, 273871, 285146, 288507, 290372, 295055, 295548 - Added support for Footnote and Endnote.

Excel Export

  • Internet Explorer version 11 Grid to Excel export issue is fixed.
  • Date issue is fixed for CSV export.
  • File corruption issue is fixed in Grid to Excel export.
  • Fixed currency format thousand separator missing issue.


  • #306090 - Issue on pressing delete key when add/edit dialog is opened has been fixed.
  • #306342 - Included additional field in taskData.segments.
  • #305420 - Issue on triggering rowSelected event while opening context menu has been fixed.
  • #252195, #272491, #242982, #242978 - Provided Virtual Scroll support for Gantt.
  • #298884 - Provided Virtual Scroll support for Gantt.


Breaking Changes
  • In Frozen Grid, we have moved the vertical scroller from movable content div to its parent element and also rendered a separate div in grid content element to perform the horizontal scroll action. This changes improves scrolling smoothness and avoid delayed scrolling between the frozen and movable content.
  • #301599 - Editing issue in frozen Grid with virtualization has been fixed.
  • #284110 - Provided support for sorting in excel filter dialog.
  • #295348, #159594 - Provided support for Grid column selection.
  • #202824 , #199899, #138469, #263330, #151661, #271993, #158735 - Provided support for freeze column to the right of Grid.
  • #10632 - Provided support for specifying ‘items’ type in grid pager.
  • #294082 - Provided support for row reorder refresh support in Grid component.


  • 287830 - The issue with using setState in the HeatMap has been resolved.

In-place Editor


#292832 - The issue with Validation is not working when template has more then two input elements” has been resolved.


Breaking Changes
  • In sortSettings the default value of sortBy property has changed to Index from DataSourceOrder.
  • Provided workflow support that determines transitions of card from one column to another in Kanban.
  • Provided support to prevent dragging and dropping the cards on particular column.
  • Provided auto scroll support when drag and drop the cards between columns.
  • Provided custom sorting option for swimlane rows based on user choice.


  • #302270 - The position of the marker cluster will now render properly when the Map control is positioned in an absolute location.


  • #301242 - Issue with “count template is updated with wrong count value when disable the clear icon” has been resolved.
  • #304600 - Issue with “SelectAll checkbox is not displayed while changing the data source dynamically” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

Breaking Changes
  • Client side Methods
  • The importAnnotations() and exportAnnotations() methods are renamed to importAnnotation() and exportAnnotation()
  • Server side Methods
  • The GetAnnotations() and ExportXfdfAnnotation() methods are removed , and the alternative method is ExportAnnotation().
  • The ImportAnnotationFromXfdf() method is removed , and the alternative method is ImportAnnotation().
  • #F155593 - Exception will no longer be thrown while exporting the form fields.
  • #299497, #301943 - Triggered the event on updating the value in the free text annotation.
  • #301759, #303702 - Now, the document is rendered correctly in the Mobile device.
  • #299797, #298544 - Now, the signature is saved correctly in the signature panel.
  • #300917 - Now, the read-only text box field background color is maintained correctly.
  • #301513 - The isProgrammaticSelection property is returned properly in the annotation select event.
  • #299303 - Now, the waiting pop is visible on the page on applying the Zoom mode property.
  • #301753 - The ExportAnnotationAsObject is now working properly.
  • #286360 - The PDF document is now perfectly rendered with the free text annotation on a mobile device.
  • #300141 - The extra character is not displayed in the textbox field for the PDF document.
  • #296491 - Now, the format is included in the exported file in IE.
  • #F159868 - Expose the Created event for the PDF Viewer component.
  • #297447 - Provided the support for adding the custom text in the notification popup.
  • #298336 - Provided the support to clear the text in the search box on opening it again in our PDF Viewer control.
  • #293756 - Exposed the comments select and status update event.
  • #298173 - Expose a property for removing the save signature checkbox in the signature dialog.
  • #277299, #278926 - Provided the support to customize the Signature Field properties.
  • #293920 - Provided the support to change the date-time format dynamically from the code behind.
  • #300570 - Provided the support to clear the annotation selection.
  • #299501 - Exposed the event before adding the free text annotations.
  • #297337, #298646, #298723, #301996 - Expose an event on focus out of the form field.
  • #288134 - Provided the support to lock the comments of the annotations.
  • #293561 - Exposed a property to show or hide a desktop toolbar in the mobile devices.
  • #293367, #300818 - Provided the support for opening the bookmark panel initially.
  • #F155788, #296389, #297432 - Provided the support for importing and exporting the annotation in XFDF format.

Pdf Export

  • Performance issue with true type font is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF colour empty constructor is fixed.
  • Preservation issue with PDF Grid in Angular sample browser is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with exceeded image into PDF export is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with PDF Grid border into PDF export is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with Pdf number style is fixed.
  • Rendering issue with Line break is fixed.
  • Added Draw Path support
  • Added Draw Arc support
  • Added support for Linear gradient brush
  • Added support for Radial gradient brush
  • Added support for Tiling brush
  • Added support for PDF Brushes.

Pivot Table

  • #300142 - The script errors in the pivot chart and virtual scrolling combination have now been fixed.
  • #300162 - The pivot chart now works properly with height as a percentage..


  • #160214 - Range navigator cursor style issue fixed.



#296208 - The issue with “the placeholder blinks when pressing enter key in the Rich Text Editor” has been resolved.

  • File Manager: F144048, #234755, #261368, #261882, #150871, #270549 - This feature allows the editor to browse and insert the images from FileManager using various remote service. In ES5 RichTextEditor, it is mandatory to include the ej2-filemanager dependency to render properly.
  • F149800 - Provided new property removeUrl in insertImageSettings API to trigger the image remove operation in server, when image removed from editor.
  • #301980 - Provided the support to return the Xhtml value in the value property when the enableXtml property is enabled in the Rich Text Editor.
  • #264791, #295032, #299905, #F159588 - Provided the support to retain all the styles from MS Excel while pasting the content in the Rich Text Editor.


  • #159985 - An issue with scrollToResource public method not working properly has been fixed.
  • #159896- An issue with the appointments are misaligned when rowAutoHeight is true has been fixed.
  • #18946 - An issue with displaying date twice for DST time-zones when switching between summer and winter time, has been fixed.
  • #300527 - An issue with loose shadow event once new week opens issue has been fixed.
  • #292074 - An issue with Schedule event dragging is not working fine when set up the eventDragArea property has been fixed.
  • #303564 - An issue with Editor window throws script error has been fixed.
  • #304988 - An issue with Scheduler throws script error when navigate form the scheduler to other component has been fixed.
  • Provided the event Drag and Drop and Resize support for Timeline Year view.


  • #299063 - Provided support to remove the items in split button using item id.



#I301769 - Entered date value changes for Eastern European Standard Time issue has been fixed. #I301769 - Sorting whole column show empty rows first issue has been fixed.

  • Chart: Transforms your Spreadsheet data to an intuitive overview for better understanding and to make smart business decisions.
  • #I298335 - Provided support to paste content inside a cell while editing.
  • #I301769 - Provided support for short date formats dd/MM/yyyy and yyyy-MM-dd.


  • #299761 - Treegrid column width renders fine in Internet Explorer when Virtualization is enabled.
  • #301861 - Tree Grid dataSource updated properly while using setCellValue method.
  • #F157882- After editing the row using updateRow method, getCurrentViewRecords method updated properly.
  • #F157882- When editing with a double click, it works fine when we only have one record.
  • #289600 - Records get expanded properly after collapsing all records using collapseAtLevel method in observable binding.
  • #F157099 - Virtualization with Aggregates works fine with large number of records.
  • #296233 - Row Drag and Drop within treegrid works fine.
  • #297986 - Row Drag and drop within treegrid works fine with checkbox enabled.
  • #F158886 - Cell editing with frozen columns works fine.
  • #F159697 - Order of child records are displayed correctly after editing in remote data binding.
  • 292453 - Treegrid refresh method works fine after updating the data.
  • #294082 - Provided Immutable Support to refresh specific rows while perform Tree Grid actions.
  • #283491 - Provided error handling support to easily rectify errors in sample side.
  • #298682, #299561 - Added getVisibleRecords API to get the visible records based on collapsed rows state.