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Syncfusion React UI Components (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

August 18, 2020



  • #287569 - Shared tooltip does not render for multiple line series when there is a single point issue fixed.
  • #285313 - Cancel property in arguments is not working properly on chart Load event issue fixed.
  • #287632 - Point Render event customization not applied for column chart markers issue fixed.


  • #285793 - The issue with “Bring to front does not work for group node” has been fixed.
  • #F156309 - The issue with “Exception occurs when try to do nudge in the diagram” has been fixed.
  • #286692 - The issue with “Node does not resize properly when created using the stack, container and text elements” has been fixed.
  • #286458 - The issue with “Node ports are gets ignored” has been fixed.
  • #286174 - The issue with “Send to back not working after refresh the diagram using refresh() method” has been fixed.
  • #286611 - The issue with “Size changed event does not get triggered when resizing with south, east, south east pin” has been fixed.
  • #246813 - The issue with “To notify right/left button clicked in diagram click event” Has been fixed.
  • #286418 - The issue with “When run the individual swimlane sample in angular 9 , throws build issue” has been fixed.
  • #288057 - The issue with “Diagram selection do not update properly” has been fixed.
  • #281811 - support to render the port over the HTML layer.

Document Editor

  • #286986 - Table properties are now written properly on html exporting.
  • #286520 - Inserted text selection now applied properly after applying style.
  • #287740 - Paper size dropdown in page setup dialog now updated for document with A4 format.
  • #282515 - Resolved error on exporting a document which contains restart numbering.
  • #287633 - Table containing alignment is now exporting properly with alignment.
  • #286469 - Resolved table formatting issue when table splits to multiple pages.
  • #285747 - Resolved script error on server side export.
  • #284704 - Resolved script error on changing the footer distance.
  • #283529 - Resolved table layout issue when table is center aligned.
  • #283180 - Resolved font family no records found issue.
  • #282303 - Paste dropdown now hides when creating or opening new document.
  • #280951 - Table content renders properly now for table with merged cells.
  • #280973 - Resolved script while getting bookmarks from selection.
  • #284486 - Comment Tab in pane is removed when enable comment is false.
  • #283344 - Resolved the initial delay in pasting images.
  • #282707,#284035 - Resolved bullet list exporting issue in MAC devices.
  • #284412 - Comment mark is now deleted properly when comment is deleted.
  • #281339 - Resolved RTL issue when editing a list content.
  • #276616 - Paragraph maintained when inserting text in whole paragraph similar to MS Word.
  • #284775 - Resolved table resize enabled issue in protected mode.
  • #282504 - Resolved footer content overlapping issue when inserting image and table in footer.
  • #275184 - Added support for retrieving next and previous element context type from current selection range.
  • #243495 - Added support for automatic text color.
  • #279355 - Added support to enable properties pane in read only mode.
  • #260677, #277329 - Added support for cropping images in document editor.
  • #250760 - Added before file open event to restrict document loading based on file size.
  • #256210, #259583, #280989, #282228 - Added support for all Caps property for character.
  • Added API to delete bookmark.
  • #267515- Added API to get searched item hierarchical index.
  • #284937- Added API show restrict editing pane.
  • #280089, #283427, #250760 - Added event to notify service failure.
Breaking Changes
  • #273325 - Provided the option to customize the Dropdown Tree’s input height when the content is increased.


  • #285919 - script error while using checkbox column with dialog editing has been fixed.
  • #282743 - Provided custom separator support in csv export.
  • #287707 - Menu Filtering in string column issue has been resolved.
  • #286727 - Cell text selection issue while editing has been fixed.
  • #287222 - Date column filtering issue with blank value has been fixed.
  • #278507, #288354 - Setting column minWidth support while window resizing has been provided.
  • #281825 - Grid resizing behaviour with percentage width column and grouping has been.
  • #287897 - Row drag issue when field based checkbox column, has been fixed.

In-place Editor

  • #279315 - Provided new event change that triggers when the integrated component value has changed that render based on the type property in the In-place editor.


  • #287430 - The issue with “Mismatch in the public methods type information” has been resolved.


  • #275308 - Performance issue will no longer occurs when render the multiselect with checkbox.

PDF Viewer

  • #282486 - Now, undo and redo is working properly for the freetext annotations.
  • #F155593- Exception will no longer be thrown while exporting the formfields.
  • #282530 - The Script error will no longer be thrown if we select the handwritten signature in mobile devices.
  • #F155593, #283379 - Now, PDF Viewer control is working in IE.
  • #276455 - Disabled the comment panel while importing the annotations when the enableCommentPanel property is set to true.
  • #283804 - Now,the file extension is added propely on downloding the PDF document in Firefox browser.
  • #267670 - Exposed the toolbar option to retrieve the form field data in JSON format.
  • #281898 - Provided the support to add comments programmatically for the newly added annotations.
  • #279353 - Provided the support for line head start and end style for the distance annotation.
  • #281440, #286154 - Exposed the annotationinteractions API to configure the interaction behavior for the locked annotations.

Pivot Table

  • Now drill-through pop-up can be open when the measures are placed in row axis.
  • #260352,#276917,#280407,#281842 - Provided an option to do the aggregation in server side and the rendering part alone will be done in client side. It is to improve the performance while binding huge size of data from remote server.
  • #279727 - Provided support to sort the alphanumeric field members.
  • #F155279 - Provided an option to restrict the drill-through pop-up to display.
  • #281462,#282526,#287070 - Provided an option to edit the aggregated cells directly (inline editing) without opening editing pop-up.
  • #283107 - Provided template support in toolbar panel to create custom toolbar option.
  • #284800 - Introduced an event to get the edited raw data information after the editing operation.

Range Slider

  • #277466 - In the mobile view, the scrolling issue when multiple sliders are rendered has been resolved



#287193 - The issue with “Script error occurs with toolbar options when placing the cursor before & after the RichTextEditor table” has been resolved.


  • #285796 - An issue with dragging the events to the first row in vertical view not working properly when page scrolling is enabled has been fixed.
  • #285797 - An issue with drag and drop not working properly in the vertical view in the last cell of the day when using the timescale property has been fixed.
  • #287725 - An issue with drag and drop doesn’t work properly when we disable timeScale property has been fixed.



#I285113, #I285621, #I286053, #I286103, #I288652- Spreadsheet is not working in ES2015 issue is fixed. #I287385 - Added missed text in the localization file.

Stock Chart

  • #262423 - Stock event support added for each series in stock chart.


  • I286227 - Checkbox with allowRowDragAndDrop property rendered properly after editing and cancelling in cell edit mode.
  • #285434- Column SortComparer function works fine with null values for RemoteSaveAdaptor datasource.


  • #286992 - The issue with rendering the TreeView with hierarchical data source using the offline property has been resolved