Import export annotation object in React Pdfviewer component

30 Jan 20239 minutes to read

The PDF Viewer library allows you to import annotations from objects or streams instead of loading it as a file. To import such annotation objects, the PDF Viewer control must export the PDF annotations as objects using the ExportAnnotationsAsObject() method. Only the annotations objects that are exported from the PDF Viewer can be imported.

The following steps are used to import and export annotation as object.

Step 1: Follow the steps provided in the link to create a simple PDF Viewer sample.

Step 2: Use the following code snippet to perform import and export annotation.

<button onclick="exportAnnotation()">Export Annotation</button>
<button onclick="importAnnotation()">Import Annotation</button>

var exportObject;
// Export annotation as object.
function exportAnnotation(){
  var viewer = document.getElementById('container').ej2_instances[0];
  viewer.exportAnnotationsAsObject().then(function(value) {
  exportObject = value;

// Import annotation that are exported as object.
function importAnnotation() {
  var viewer = document.getElementById('container').ej2_instances[0];

Find the Sample, how to import and export annotation as object

Import and export annotations programmatically

The PDF Viewer library allows you to import annotations via code behind by using the importAnnotation() method.

The following steps are used to import and export annotation programmatically.

{/* Render the PDF Viewer */}
  style={{ height: '640px' }}>

//Event triggers while loading document into PdfViewer.
 documentLoad(event) {
  var viewer = document.getElementById('container').ej2_instances[0];
  //API to add annotation programmatically for initial loading.
    pdfAnnotation: {
      0: {
        shapeAnnotation: [
            ShapeAnnotationType: 'Square',
            Author: 'Guest',
            AnnotationSelectorSettings: {
              selectionBorderColor: '',
              resizerBorderColor: 'black',
              resizerFillColor: '#FF4081',
              resizerSize: 8,
              selectionBorderThickness: 1,
              resizerShape: 'Square',
              selectorLineDashArray: [],
              resizerLocation: 3,
              resizerCursorType: null,
            ModifiedDate: '4/22/2021, 10:33:04 AM',
            Subject: 'Rectangle',
           Note: '',
            IsCommentLock: false,
            StrokeColor: 'rgba(255,0,0,1)',
            FillColor: 'rgba(255,255,255,0)',
            Opacity: 1,
            Bounds: {
              X: 124,
              Y: 76,
              Width: 202,
              Height: 154,
              Location: { X: 124, Y: 76 },
              Size: { IsEmpty: false, Width: 202, Height: 154 },
              Left: 124,
              Top: 76,
              Right: 326,
              Bottom: 230,
            Thickness: 2,
            BorderStyle: 'Solid',
            BorderDashArray: 0,
            RotateAngle: 'RotateAngle0',
            IsCloudShape: false,
            CloudIntensity: 0,
            RectangleDifference: null,
            VertexPoints: null,
            LineHeadStart: null,
            LineHeadEnd: null,
            IsLocked: false,
            AnnotName: 'e9a14dbe-5d09-4226-329e-c6edab201284',
            Comments: null,
            State: '',
            StateModel: '',
            AnnotType: 'shape',
            EnableShapeLabel: false,
            LabelContent: null,
            LabelFillColor: null,
            LabelBorderColor: null,
            FontColor: null,
            FontSize: 0,
            CustomData: null,
            LabelBounds: {
              X: 0,
              Y: 0,
              Width: 0,
              Height: 0,
              Location: { X: 0, Y: 0 },
              Size: { IsEmpty: true, Width: 0, Height: 0 },
              Left: 0,
              Top: 0,
              Right: 0,
              Bottom: 0,
            LabelSettings: null,
            AnnotationSettings: {
              minWidth: 0,
              maxWidth: 0,
              minHeight: 0,
              maxHeight: 0,
              isLock: false,
              isPrint: true,
            AllowedInteractions: ['None'],
            IsPrint: true,
            ExistingCustomData: null,

The following code example represents how to export annotation in a button click.

<button onclick="exportAnnotation()">ExportAnnotation</button>
    //Event triggers when you click the ExportAnnotation button.
    function exportAnnotation() {
      var viewer = document.getElementById('container').ej2_instances[0];
      //API to export annotation.

View sample in GitHub.