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AsyncSettings API in React Uploader API component




Specifies the chunk size to split the large file into chunks, and upload it to the server in a sequential order. If the chunk size property has value, the uploader enables the chunk upload by default. It must be specified in bytes value.

For more information, refer to the chunk upload section from the documentation.

Defaults to 0



Specifies the URL of remove action that receives the file information and handle the remove operation in server. The remove action type must be POST request and define “removeFileNames” attribute to get file information that will be removed. This property is optional.

Defaults to



Specifies the delay time in milliseconds that the automatic retry happens after the delay.

Defaults to 500



Specifies the number of retries that the uploader can perform on the file failed to upload. By default, the uploader set 3 as maximum retries. This property must be specified to prevent infinity looping.

Defaults to 3



Specifies the URL of save action that will receive the upload files and save in the server. The save action type must be POST request and define the argument as same input name used to render the component. The upload operations could not perform without this property.

Defaults to