Example of undefined in React Tree Grid Component


This demo showcases the keyboard shortcuts applicable on Tree Grid and also lists out in below description, how those applicable shortcuts interacts with Tree Grid actions.

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All the Tree Grid actions can be controlled via keyboard keys and is availed by using allowKeyboardInteraction property which is set to true by default. The applicable key combinations and its relative functionalities are listed below,

Keys Description
Ctrl + Down Arrow ExpandAll
Ctrl + Up Arrow CollapseAll
F2 Edit
ESC Cancel
Enter Save
Insert Add
Delete Delete
Ctrl + Home First row selection
Ctrl + End Last row selection
Home First cell selection
End Last cell selection
Up Arrow Move row selection up
Down Arrow Move row selection down
Up Arrow Move Cell selection up
Down Arrow Move Cell selection down
Right Arrow Move Cell selection right
Left Arrow Move Cell selection left
Shift + Down/Up Multiple row Selection
Shift + Right/Left/Down/Up Multiple Cell Selection
Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow Collapse selected parent row
Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow Expand selected parent row
Alt + j Focus Tree Grid element
Tab Go to next cell for editing
Shift + Tab Go to previous cell for editing
PageDown Go to Next page
PageUp Go to Previous page
Ctrl + Alt + PageUp Go to First page
Ctrl + Alt + PageDown Go to Last page
Alt + PageUp Go to Next pager
Alt + PageDown Go to last pager

More information on the gridLines configuration can be found in this documentation section.