Example of undefined in React Tree Grid Component


This sample demonstrates the Tree Grid component with the horizontal and vertical scrollbars to view the exceeded Tree Grid content.

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The Tree Grid will show scrollbar when the content exceeds the element width or height. The vertical and horizontal scrollbar will be displayed based on the following criteria.

  • The vertical scrollbar appears when the total height of rows present in Tree Grid exceeds its element height.
  • The horizontal scrollbar appears when the sum of column`s width exceeds Tree Grid element width.

The Tree Grid provides a way to use a custom layout for its rows using template feature. The height {" "} and{" "} width {" "} property is used to set the Tree Grid height and width respectively. The value of these properties can be a numeric value, pixel( px) or percentage (%).

In this demo, the{" "} height {" "} and{" "} width {" "} property of the Tree Grid is set to{" "} 400 {" "} and{" "} auto respectively. Now, the Tree Grid will render with vertical scrollbar when the total height of rows exceeds its element height and horizontal scrollbar will appear when the total column width exceeds the element width.