Example of undefined in React Tree Grid Component


This sample demonstrates the supported cell edit types of Tree Grid columns. The list of cell edit types are as follows,

  • NumericTextBox component for integers, double, and decimal data types.
  • TextBox component for string data type.
  • DropDownList component for list data type.
  • DatePicker component for date data type.
  • DateTimePicker component for dateTime data type.
  • Checkbox component for boolean data type
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The columns.editType is used to customize the edit type of the particular column. You can set the columns editType based on data type of the column.

In this sample, we show the following editTypes for the Tree Grid columns

  • NumericTextBox
  • TextBox
  • DropDownList
  • DatePicker
  • DateTimePicker
  • Checkbox

Injecting Module:

Tree Grid features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use editing feature, we need to inject Editmodule into the services.

More information on the selection configuration can be found in this documentation section.