Example of undefined in React Tooltip Component


This sample demonstrates the default functionalities of the Tooltip which will open by hover or touch-hold action on button and displayed in 12 different positions.

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This sample illustrates a tooltip, that gets opened on hovering the target labelled Show Tooltip. The tooltip can be shown on 12 possible positions, by selecting the appropriate position values provided in the dropdown. The applicable tooltip positions are as follows:

  • TopLeft
  • TopCenter
  • TopRight
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomCenter
  • BottomRight
  • LeftTop
  • LeftCenter
  • LeftBottom
  • RightTop
  • RightCenter
  • RightBottom

In case, if the tooltip needs to be opened on mobile devices, tap hold on the target labelled Show Tooltip instead of hovering and by default, it closes after 1.5 seconds on lift.

More information on the Tooltip instantiation can be found in the documentation section.