This sample demonstrates the Signature component with toolbar items to illustrate the undo, redo, save with background, background color, stroke color, clear and disabled support of the Signature component.

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The Signature component supports undo, redo, background color, stroke color, save, save with background, clear, and disabled functionalities.

In this sample, each toolbar item illustrates the Signature component functionalities, which are listed below.

  • Use Undo button or Ctrl + Z key to revert your signature.

  • Use the Redo button or Ctrl + Y key to remake your reverted signature.

  • Use the Save button or Ctrl + S key to store your signature as an image file.

  • Stroke color picker is used to apply the stroke color to the Signature component.

  • Background color picker is used to apply the background color to the Signature component.

  • Use Stroke Width drop-down list values to change the signature stroke width.

  • Use the Clear button to clear the signature.

  • Check the Disabled checkbox to disable the Signature component.

More information about Signature can be found in this documentation section.