Example of undefined in React Scheduler Component


This demo showcases how the multiple resources are grouped as well as how the events are portrayed in timeline view layouts.

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In the timeline view, each row depicts a single resource whereas in vertical views, each resource are grouped parallelly as columns. Here, the resource grouping follows the tree-view like hierarchical grouping structure and can contain any level of child resources. In this sample, we have used two level hierarchy, where the PROJECT 1 and PROJECT 2 are the parent level and the development and testing are child level resources which are defined using the resources property. They are grouped in layout by making use of the group property and its order of grouping depends on the order of names passed onto the resources option within group.

Also, the colors defined for the child level resources will get applied to the events of those resources by default. In case, if the colors of parent level needs to be applied to those child events, then it is necessary to define the resourceColorField option within the eventSettings property with the parent level resource name value.