Example of undefined in React Scheduler Component


This demo shows the way of adding custom items into the Scheduler header bar. Here, an employee image is added to the header bar, clicking on which will open the popup showing that person's short profile information.

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In this demo, a popup has been designed separately with a person’s profile info and kept in a hidden state initially. A custom item has been added to the Scheduler header bar within the actionBegin event by checking for the request type as toolbarItemRendering which triggers at the time of header bar items rendering on the Scheduler.

Once the items are added, the click action is being bound to it in the actionComplete event by checking for the request type as toolbarItemRendered which triggers after the items are rendered on the Scheduler. The appropriate action of showing or hiding the popup on clicking the custom item has been done within it.

In case, if the header bar of Scheduler needs to be hidden, it can be done by setting false to showHeaderBar property.