This sample demonstrates the events that trigger on every action of the rich text editor. The event details are showcased in the event trace panel.

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The rich text editor triggers the events based on its actions. The events can be used as an extension point to perform custom operations.

  • change - Triggers when the editor gets blurred and changes are made to the content.
  • focus - Triggers when the editor is in focus.
  • blur - Triggers when focused out of the editor.
  • actionBegin - Triggers before the execution of command.
  • actionComplete - Triggers after the execution of command.
  • created - Triggers when the component is created.
  • destroyed – Triggers when the component is destroyed.

Injecting Module

RichTextEditor component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use richtexteditor feature, we need to inject Toolbar, Link, Image, HtmlEditor modules into the services.