Example of Type in React Rich Text Editor Component


This sample demonstrates the different behavior of toolbar support in the Rich Text Editor. Change the toolbar type as multiRow or expand from the property panel to see its appearance . Check or uncheck the floating toolbar in property panel to look on its behavior.

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Floating: set boolean value to toolbarSettings.enableFloating property to enable or disable the floating toolbar.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to configure different types of toolbar using toolbarSettings.type property. The types of toolbar are:

  • Expand: The toolbar hides the overflowing items in the next row. Click the expand arrow to view overflowing toolbar items
  • Multi Row: The toolbar hides the overflowing items in the next row.
  • Scrollable: All the elements are displayed in a single line with horizontal scrolling enabled.

Injecting Module

Rich Text Editor component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use Rich Text Editor feature, we need to inject Toolbar, Link, Image, Count, HtmlEditor, QuickToolbar, EmojiPicker, PasteCleanup, Audio, Video, FormatPainter, Table modules into the services.