Example of undefined in React Rich Text Editor Component


This sample demonstrates the events that trigger on every action of the Rich Text Editor. The event details are showcased in the event trace panel.

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The Rich Text Editor triggers the events based on its actions. The events can be used as an extension point to perform custom operations.

  • change - Triggers when the editor gets blurred and changes are made to the content.
  • focus - Triggers when the editor is in focus.
  • blur - Triggers when focused out of the editor.
  • actionBegin - Triggers before the execution of command.
  • actionComplete - Triggers after the execution of command.
  • created - Triggers when the component is created.
  • beforeDialogOpen – Event triggers when the dialog is being opened..
  • dialogOpen – Event triggers when a dialog is opened.
  • dialogClose – Event triggers after the dialog has been closed.
  • beforeQuickToolbarOpen – Event triggers when the quick toolbar is being opened.
  • quickToolbarOpen – Event triggers when a quick toolbar is opened.
  • quickToolbarClose – Event triggers after the quick toolbar has been closed.
  • imageSelected – Event triggers when the image is selected or dragged into the insert image dialog
  • imageUploading – Event triggers when the selected image begins to upload in the insert image dialog
  • imageUploadSuccess – Event triggers when the image is successfully uploaded to the server side
  • imageUploadFailed – Event triggers when there is an error in the image upload
  • imageRemoving – Event triggers when the selected image is cleared from the insert image dialog
  • destroyed – Triggers when the component is destroyed.
  • beforeSanitizeHtml – Event triggers before sanitize the value. It's only applicable to editorMode as `HTML`
  • resizing – Triggers only when resizing the image
  • resizeStart –Triggers only when start resize the image
  • resizeStop – Triggers only when stop resize the image

Injecting Module

Rich Text Editor component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use Rich Text Editor feature, we need to inject Toolbar, Link, Image, HtmlEditor, QuickToolbar, Table, EmojiPicker, PasteCleanup, Audio, Video, FormatPainter, FileManager modules into the services.