Example of undefined in React Pivot Table Component


This sample demonstrates how frequently the pivot table and the pivot chart are updated with real-time data at a given time interval.

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Both the pivot table and the pivot chart are receiving real-time data and periodically updating themselves every 5000 milliseconds. Furthermore, in this demonstration,

  • The "Feed Delay" numeric text box can be used to change the time interval.
  • The "Start Updating..." button causes the pivot table to automatically update at the interval specified in the "Feed Delay" numeric text box, which is measured in milliseconds.
  • The pivot table's automatic updating can be stopped by selecting the "Stop Updating..." button.
  • Displayed the "Change(%)" values in the pivot table as red for negative values and green for positive values using the cell template concept.

More information on the Essential JS2 Pivot Table can be found in these Cell Template & Pivot Chart documentation section.