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Explore how to tailor context menus for PDF pages, annotations, and form fields in this sample.

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This customization empowers users to add new context menus on PDF pages, annotations, and form fields. In this sample:

  • Selecting text on pages reveals a custom context menu, enabling users to search for the selected text on Google.
  • Annotations and Form fields can be locked directly from the context menu.
  • Customization is achieved using the following APIs:
    • Customize the context menu by selectively displaying custom options, hiding existing menu items, controlled by boolean parameters in the addCustomMenu() method.
    • Position custom menu items either above or below existing ones, adjusting boolean parameters in the addCustomMenu() method.
    • Tailor the visibility of custom menu items using the customContextMenuBeforeOpen event.
    • Implement specific functionalities for custom options through the customContextMenuSelect event.

More information on the PDF Viewer instantiation can be found in this documentation section .