Example of undefined in React Image Editor Component


This sample demonstrates a custom toolbar using the Image Editor Control.

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The Image Editor component provides built-in support for adding a custom toolbar through APIs in the following ways:

  • Selection : Multiple selection options are available. The selection region can be a square or circle, customized to various aspects ratios, and customized by dragging and resizing.
  • Crop : The image can be cropped based on the selection.
  • Rotate : The image can be rotated both clockwise and anticlockwise by 90 degrees.
  • Freehand drawing : Draw freehand on the image and adjust the pen's stroke width and stroke color.
  • Get Image data : Retrieves the edited image in image data format.
  • Annotation : Text, rectangle, ellipse, path, image, and line annotation shapes are supported.
  • Filters : The predefined filters such as chrome, cold, warm, grayscale, sepia, and invert can be applied to the image.

More information about Image Editor can be found in this documentation section .