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This sample demonstrates the client-side exporting of mutliple grids, which allows you to export the data of multiple grids in the same or different pages to Excel and PDF formats.

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Data Grids support client-side exporting which allows you to export data to Excel and PDF formats.

Multiple grids can be exported by providing IDs in the exportGrids property.

In this demo, Excel and PDF exports are enabled in both grids by setting the allowExcelExport and allowPdfExport properties to true. In the master grid, the grid IDs are listed in the exportGrids property which can be exported to Excel and PDF formats by clicking the toolbar buttons.

The ExcelExport and PdfExport items are defined in the toolbar of the Grid. Actions are defined in the toolbarClick event to export Grid data using excelExport andpdfExport methods.

By default, in this demo grids are exported on the same page. They can be exported in separate pages by unchecking the checkbox. This can be achieved by setting the multipleExport type of ExcelExportProperties and PdfExportProperties.

Injecting Modules

Grid features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use selection and export features, inject Selection, ExcelExport and PdfExport modules into the services.

More information on the exporting configuration can be found in this excel-export and pdf-export documentation sections.