Example of undefined in React Grid Component


This sample demonstrates grouping feature of the Grid component. In this sample, the Grid data is grouped against Country column. To group any other column simply drag the column header and drop on the group drop area.

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The Grid control has options to group the records based on the required column. When grouping is applied, grouped records are organized into a hierarchical structure to facilitate easier expansion and collapse of records. To enable grouping, set allowGrouping property as true.

Columns can be grouped by simply dragging the column header and drop on the group drop area.

In this demo, to group a specify column, drag and drop the column in the group drop area.

Injecting Module:

Grid component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use grouping feature, we need to inject Group module into the services.

More information on the grouping feature configuration can be found in this documentation section.