Example of undefined in React Grid Component


This sample demonstrates the grid's multiple-type filter functionality and user interface.

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The filtering feature enables the user to view a reduced number of records based on the filter criteria. It can be enabled by setting the allowFiltering property to true.

The grid supports the following filter types:

  • FilterBar
  • Menu
  • CheckBox
  • Excel

You can change the filter type by setting filterSettings->type .

In this demo, the filter menu is enabled by default. You can switch to other filter types using the dropdown.

Additionally, we have an on-demand data fetch functionality and UI for the checkbox/Excel filter type. It can be enabled by setting the filterSettings->enableInfiniteScrolling property to true. In this demo, on-demand data fetch is not enabled by default. To enable the on-demand data fetch for the checkbox/Excel filter type, the Enable OnDemand option must be checked after selecting the checkBox/Excel filter type using the dropdown menu.

More information on the filter configuration can be found in this documentation section.