Example of Column Menu in React Grid Component


This sample demonstrates the column menu feature. Click the multiple icon of each column to show the column menu.

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Grid has option to show column menu when click on multiple icon of each column. The column menu has integrated options to interact the features like sorting, grouping, filtering, column chooser and autoFit. This features can be enabled by defining the showColumnMenu as true. The default items are

  • sortAscending - Sort the current column in ascending order.
  • sortDescending - Sort the current column in descending order.
  • group - Group the current column.
  • ungroup - Ungroup the current column.
  • autoFit - Auto fit current column.
  • autoFitAll - Auto fit all columns.
  • columnChooser - Choose the column visibility.
  • Filter - Show the filter option as given in filterSetting-> type.

In this demo, Column Menu feature has enabled by defining showColumnMenu as true with sorting, grouping, filtering, column chooser and autoFit options.

Injecting Module:

Grid component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use Column menu feature, we need to inject ColumnMenu modeule into the services