Example of undefined in React Gantt Component


This example showcases the undo-redo functionality within the Gantt Chart, offering users the flexibility to revert or reapply their latest actions on the Gantt Chart.

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Undo feature enables users to revert the most recent action performed in the Gantt Chart. It helps in undo the changes made to tasks, dependencies, or other elements within the Gantt Chart.

Redo feature can reapply an action that was previously undone using the Undo feature. This allows users to revert their decision to undo an action.

To undo a recent action, you can either press the Undo keyboard shortcut(Ctrl + Z) or click on the Undo toolbar option. To reapply an action that was undone, you can use the Redo keyboard shortcut(Ctrl + Y) or click on the Redo toolbar option.

You can specify the actions to be restored using undoRedoActions property, such as Edit, Add, Delete, Sorting, ColumnReorder, ColumnResize, Search, Filtering, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomToFit, ColumnState, Indent, Outdent, RowDragAndDrop, TaskbarDragAndDrop, PreviousTimeSpan, NextTimeSpan.

Additionally, you can also define number of undo/redo actions that should be stored. This setting can be adjusted using the undoRedoStepsCount property. By default undoRedoStepsCount value is 10.

In this demo, the Undo-Redo feature is enabled by setting enableUndoRedo to true.

Gantt features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use column menu feature, we need to inject UndoRedo module into the services.