Example of Column Resize in React Gantt Component


This sample demonstrates the Gantt column resizing feature. Click and drag at the right corner of each column header to resize the column.

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The Gantt columns can be resized by clicking and dragging at the right corner of columns header. Set the allowResizing property to true to enable column resizing behavior in Gantt. You can also prevent the resize of a particular column by setting columns -> allowResizing to false in columns definition

In this demo, the allowResizing feature has been enabled by setting the allowResizing property to true. Task Name column can be resized between a range of minWidth (120 pixels) and maxWidth (300 pixels). The column resizing has been disabled in the Duration column

Injecting Module:

Gantt component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use Resize feature, we need to inject Resize module into the services.