Example of Events in React Gantt Component


This sample demonstrates all the events that occur on all the Gantt operations with the help of Event Trace panel.

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The Gantt triggers events based on its actions. The events can be used as an extension point to perform custom operations.

In this demo, perform Gantt actions such as load, created, dataBound, toolbarClick, beforeTooltipRender, actionBegin, actionComplete, cellEdit, endEdit, taskbarEditing, taskbarEdited, rowSelecting, rowSelected, rowDeselecting, rowDeselected, columnDragStart, columnDrag, columnDrop, expanding, expanded, collapsing, collapsed, columnMenuClick, columnMenuOpen, contextMenuClick, contextMenuOpen, resizeStart, resizing, resizeStop, splitterResizeStart, splitterResizing, splitterResized, recordDoubleClick, onTaskbarClick and see the Event Trace panel for the events emitted.

Gantt component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use a selection, inject the Selection module using the Gantt.Inject(Selection) method.To use a sorting, inject the Sort module using the Gantt.Inject(Sort) method.To reorder column, inject the Reorder module using the Gantt.Inject(Reorder) method.To resize column width, inject the Resize module using the Gantt.Inject(Resize) method.To use a contextmenu, inject the Contextmenu module using the Gantt.Inject(Contextmenu) method.To use a columnmenu, inject the ColumnMenu module using the Gantt.Inject(ColumnMenu) method.To use a toolbar, inject the Toolbar module using the Gantt.Inject(Toolbar) method.To use a edit, inject the Edit module using the Gantt.Inject(Edit) method.To use markers, inject the DayMarkers module using the Gantt.Inject(DayMarkers) method.