Example of undefined in React File Manager Component


The File Manager component in the property pane displays its features in this sample. The visibility of the toolbar, multi-selection, file extensions, and image thumbnails can all be easily controlled by checking or unchecking the respective checkboxes. Additionally, specific toolbar items can be enabled or disabled by selecting values in the Dropdown List.

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In this demo, the above mentioned requirements are achieved by using the following API properties and method of the File Manager component.

toolbarSettings defines the group of items in the toolbar that are aligned horizontally.

allowMultiSelection property enables or disables the File Manager's multiple folder or file selection.

showFileExtension property shows or hides the file extension in the File Manager.

showThumbnail property shows or hides thumbnail images in the large icons view. .

enableToolbarItems specifies which items should be enabled in the toolbarr.

disableToolbarItems specifies which items should be disabled in the toolbar.

Note: File Manager's upload functionality is restricted in the online demo. If you need to test upload functionality, please install Syncfusion Essential Studio on your machine and run the demo.