Example of undefined in React Chart Component


This sample demonstrates the range selection behavior and its mode in the charts.

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In this example, you can see how to select points in a specific region. You can change the Selection Mode in the properties panel. You can also enable multiple selection.

Click and drag to enable a rectangular selection and it will display the collection of points that are selected under the region.

Rectangular selection can be set using the SelectionMode property, and it supports the following modes.

  • Series - Select the series in chart.
  • Point - Select a point in the series .
  • Cluster - Select a group of points in the chart.
  • DragXY - Rectangular selection with respect to both axis.
  • DragX - Rectangular selection with respect to horizontal axis.
  • DragY - Rectangular selection with respect to vertical axis.
  • Lasso - Select free form of selection area points.

Injecting Module

Chart component features are segregated into individual feature-wise modules. To use selection feature, we need to inject Selection module into services.