This sample demonstrates the basic rendering, overflow feature and navigable active item of the Breadcrumb component with icon support. Click the Reset State button to refresh Breadcrumb component states.

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The Breadcrumb component is used as a navigational aid to identify the current page location within the navigational hierarchy structure of websites. It has list of items that can be populated using the BreadcrumbItemDirective tag.

Simple Breadcrumb

In this sample, the Breadcrumb is populated with text, icon, and URL.

Breadcrumb with Overflow

In the Breadcrumb component, maxItems and overflowMode properties were used to limit the number of breadcrumb items to be displayed.

In this sample, the maxItems is set as 3 with overflowMode as Menu. To prevent breadcrumb item navigation we have set false in enableNavigation property of Breadcrumb component.

Active Last Breadcrumb

In this sample, navigation for the last item is enabled by using enableActiveItemNavigation property.

More information about Breadcrumb component can be found in this documentation section.