Feature list in EJ2 JavaScript Spreadsheet control

2 May 20238 minutes to read

The following table compares Excel functionality with the availability of EJ1 and EJ2 Spreadsheet features.

Features Available in EJ1 Spreadsheet Available in EJ2 Spreadsheet Comments
Ribbon Yes Yes -
Formula bar Yes Yes -
Sheet tab Yes Yes -
Show / Hide gridlines and header Yes Yes -
Scrolling Partially Yes -
Selection Yes Yes -
Editing Yes Yes -
Formulae Yes Partially EJ2 supports limited number of most used formulas
Named range Yes Partially EJ2 Spreadsheet Named range supports only in workbook scope
Data Binding Yes Yes -
Formatting Yes Yes -
Context menu Yes Yes -
Keyboard navigation Yes Yes -
Keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes -
Sorting Yes Yes -
Filtering Yes Yes -
Hyperlink Yes Yes -
Undo & redo Yes Yes -
Open and Save Yes Yes -
Resize / Autofit Yes Yes -
Clipboard Yes Yes -
Collaborative editing No Yes -
Wrap text Yes Yes -
Template No Yes -
Merge cells Yes Yes -
Show / Hide rows and columns Yes Yes -
Sheet customizations Yes Partially 1. Add, rename and delete sheet support available
2. Move or copy is not supported in EJ2 spreadsheet.
Data Validation Yes Yes -
Table Yes No -
Chart Yes Yes -
Image Yes Yes -
Conditional formatting Yes Yes -
Freeze Pane Yes Yes -
Scaling No No -
Print Yes No -
Grouping No No -
Autofill Yes No -
Auto Sum Yes Yes -
Format painter Yes No -
Cell Style Yes Partially In EJ2 Spreadsheet, we can customize the cell style through api only.
Protection Yes Partially In EJ2 Spreadsheet, Custom encryption is not supported in protect workbook.
Find and replace Yes Yes -
Drag and Drop Yes No -
Notes Yes No -
Comments No No -
Pivot table Yes No -
Sparklines Yes No -
Form controls Yes No -
Shapes No No -
Clear Yes Yes -

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