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Syncfusion JavaScript (ES5) UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

June 30, 2022


  • Provided the TypeScript 4.7 compatible support for the EJ2 components.
  • Provided the option to register the license key by using the npx command. Follow these steps to register the license using the npx command:
The npx command
Install the Syncfusion packages from npm.
Add the license key either in the environment variable SYNCFUSION_LICENSE or in the syncfusion-license.txt text file.
Run the command npx syncfusion-license activate to automatically register the license.
  • Provided option to play or pause the slides when hovering the mouse pointer over the Carousel element.
Breaking Changes
  • Removed animation property from Carousel component, now you can set the animation effect directly to the animationEffect property.
  • To apply custom animation effects, Needs to set animationEffect property to custom and specify the custom animation class in cssClass property.


const carouselObj: Carousel = new Carousel({
  animation: { customEffect: "parallax" }


cssClass: ‘parallax’, animationEffect: ‘custom’


  • #I362746 - Provided keyboard navigation support for interactive elements on the chart.
  • #I353728 - Provided highlight and select support for the range and point color mapping.


  • F379986 - The issue with “Screen reader reads checkbox field twice for tab keypress” has been resolved.


Behaviour changes

  • In the Bezier connector, by default, the multiple segments will be created automatically if a user doesn’t define segment collections in the application.
  • In the Bezier connector, based on segment count, multiple control points will be displayed to control the smoothness of the curve
  • #I382500 - Now, the BPMN shape is changed properly at runtime.
  • #I382496 - BPMN gateway sub type is working properly while changing it during runtime.
  • #I383411 - Now, fill color is applied properly when changing BPMN event at runtime.
  • #I362749 - Provided option to adjust the distance between the source node and the target node of the orthogonal connection has been added.
  • #I347713 - Support to modify connector segments thumb icon shape and style has been added.
  • #FB31535 - Support for splitting and joining connectors has been added.
  • #I362796 - Support to highlight selected diagram elements on multiple selections has been added
  • #I362829 - Support to limit the connector segments while draw at run time has been added.
  • #I362755 - Support to edit multiple bezier segments with multiple control points has been added.

Excel Export

  • Internet Explorer version 11 Grid to Excel export issue is fixed.
  • Date issue is fixed for CSV export.
  • File corruption issue is fixed in Grid to Excel export.
  • Fixed currency format thousand separator missing issue.


  • #I379308, #I380615 - Baseline end date issue for milestone with same baseline start and end date has been fixed.
  • #I383128 - DataSource gets updated wrongly when we update the data with invalid parentID issue has been fixed.
  • #I378077 - Newly added records not gets refreshed when running the sample using nodejs issue has been resolved.
  • #I382484 - Gantt records gets repeated when we perform scrolling in virtual data issue has been fixed.
  • #I376455 - Tab key navigation not working properly when moving to new records has been fixed.
  • #I233407, #I258725, #I280586, #I291191, #I304599, #F160011, #I310340, #F163773, #I323187, #I323187, #I346348 - Provided Critical Path support for Gantt Chart. Please find the demo link here.
  • Provided State Persistence support for Gantt Chart. Please find the documentation link here.


  • #I235957, #I347931, #F170423, #I356695 - Persist Selection misbehaves while sorting with virtualisation issue has been fixed .
  • #I359178 - Provided support to show clear icon in the Grid search text box. It helps to clear the text in search text box and also clear the searching in Grid control too. Please find the demo link here
  • #I328056, #I369597 - Provided support to prevent the selection of specific rows based on the condition.
  • Enhanced the keyboard support for Data grid control. Please find the demo link here
  • #I194399 - Provided support to rotate grid header while exporting.


  • #I383114 - Issue with “Drop event argument not passes the selected item properly, while drag and drop the multiple item of listbox” has been resolved.


  • #F168185 - The issue with “Sorting is not applied properly when entering different values in the text field of the ListView component” has been resolved.


  • GeoJSON data with geometry types like “MultiLineString,” “MultiPoint,” and “GeometryCollection” can now be displayed in Maps.
  • #F170451 - urlTemplate has been extended to accept tile server URLs from online map providers like ESRI, TomTom, and Mapbox.
  • #I326902 - Support for legend is provided when markers or sublayers are rendered in the online map providers.


  • #FB31100 - Issue with “popup is not opened while changing the popupHeight dynamically in the beforeOpen event” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

  • #I371792 - Pan mode is now activated for all mobile devices by default.
  • #I363298 - The issue when form fields had different names when the form designer module is enabled and disabled has been fixed.
  • #F173953 - The issue with the incorrect sentence search functionality in the PDF Viewer has been resolved.
  • #I368423 - Now, rotation for form elements is considered.
  • #F173751 - Radio buttons that have been dynamically imported can now preserve its checked status.
  • #I376227 - The issue with the PDF Viewer’s annotation FillColor not updating correctly has been fixed.
  • #I376346 - This issue with an annotation moving to the top of multiple pages has been resolved.
  • #F173061 - A zoomToRect() method is now used to zoom a particular area multiple times with different scroll positions in the viewport.
  • #I377714 - The problem with pinch zooming and form field position has been fixed.
  • #I377638 - The issue with the Read Only radio button value changing when downloading has been fixed.
  • #I378257 - The issue with the checkbox printing multiple times has been resolved.
  • #I378394 - Changes to form field properties that are made using the formFieldPropertiesChange event are no longer lost is now working properly.
  • #I379205 - Drawing a freehand signature when switching between tabs in the Add signature dialogue is no longer possible.
  • #I379120 - The pixel quality of the handwritten signature has now improved.
  • #I386899 - Issue with signature rendering is now resolved.
  • #I383513 - When a textbox is marked as required, it no longer has a red border in the document that’s been downloaded is now working properly.
  • #I369733 - The free text annotation is no longer rotated when it is added programmatically to rotated documents.
  • #I383963 - Issue with cloned form field value is duplicated has been fixed.

Pivot Table

  • #I387410 - The pivot table with OLAP cube can now render properly with calculated fields when virtual scrolling is enabled.
  • Provided support to search for a specific field in the field list UI.


  • Issue with Dynamically changing the columns with complex data source of query builder has been fixed.
  • I379818 - Issue with Getting change event as undefined for fields having custom value template of query builder has been fixed.


  • #I380086 - Provided support to resize the first and last columns of a table without resizing the other columns.
  • #I362331, F173395, I318486 - Provided support to insert text programmatically in the Markdown editor at the current cursor position using the executeCommand public method.


  • #I385411 - An issue with Weekly recurrence appointments not shown in day view has been fixed.
  • #I357693, #I385560 - Provided a public method openQuickInfoPopup to open the quick popup programmatically.
  • #I307933 - Provided support to specify custom separator when exporting Scheduler events to CSV export.


  • #I383625 - Auto detecting as currency format for cell which contains text with currency number issue has been resolved.
  • #I386346 - The select event is not triggered after clicking the formula applied cells issue is resolved.
  • #I383355 - Undo on deleting unique formula cell with text format throws spill error issue has been resolved.
  • #I383420 - The issue of formula bar data not changing after clicking the retry button in the validation dialogue has been resolved.
  • Provided keyboard shortcut for ribbon and added additional shortcut for the spreadsheet.
  • Provided improvement in Accessibility for the spreadsheet.
  • #I361779, #F174565, #I379630 - Performance improvement for conditional formatting with large data.
  • #I360114, #I361182, #I362993 - Performance improvement for sorting and its undo redo for large data.
  • #I377000 - Provided unMerge method to split the merged cell into multiple cells.

Svg Base

  • #I366649 - Polar Radar not rendered in canvas mode issue has been fixed.

Tree Grid

  • #I379907 - Resolved editing for the dropdown edit type column with state persistence enabled.
  • #I334966, #I373929, #I332693, #I342835, #F172606, #F171250, #F171248 - Provided row drag and drop support with virtualization feature enabled.
  • #I367483 - Provided support for row indent and outdent functionality. Please find the demo link here.


  • #I383454 - The issue with “The TreeView checked nodes state not maintained for remote data when enabling the persistence” has been resolved.