Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

June 7, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I379535 - Background issue in PDF export has been fixed.
  • #I379093 - Draggable arrow for stacked series is removed.
  • #I381436 - Data label is hidden in stacked bar series has been fixed.
  • #I379549 - Add series using DataManager makes a request to the server for multiple times issue is fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I378190 - Now, distribute commands will work properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #379229 - Pdf export is not working when using custom date format issue has been fixed.
  • #381109 - Issue when Zoom To Fit with unscheduled tasks has been fixed.
  • #382884 - work value calculation issue for parent task has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • “Maps throws script error while resizing the window in React 18 sample” issue has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F174154- Now, the signature value for all signature fields in the PDF document will be updated programmatically using the updateFormFieldsValue() method.
  • #I376222- Now, Annotation selector binds correctly to annotations when dragging.
  • #I367416- The FindText() method of PDF Base allows for finding the number.
  • #I372876- The annotationSelect and commentAdd events are triggered properly for the sticky notes annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #I378184 - Now, the script error is not thrown when resizing the Rich Text Editor component with inline mode.
  • #I381208 - Now, applying bold multiple times using ctrl+b on the nested list works properly.