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Syncfusion JavaScript (ES5) UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

February 8, 2022



  • #F171373 - Sum indexes is now working for the Waterfall chart.
  • #I363094 - Labelformat is now applied properly for the datalabel.
  • #I362757 - Histogram points position is not equivalent to axis range issue has been resolved.


  • Issue with Checkbox value not being posted in form has been resolved.


  • #F171919 - Diacritics letters are not changed to lowercase has been fixed.


  • SF-360650 - The Undefined exception will no longer be thrown while perform ctrl + shift + mouse click on diagram area.
  • SF-359437 - The Undefined exception will no longer be thrown while ungroup the group node in canvas mode.
  • SF-359860 - Node gradient color is now exported properly while export the diagram in JPG.
  • SF-362805 - Bezier connector text element bounds is now calculated properly while drag the connector.
  • SF-362170 - Annotation editing for the Bezier Connector is now working properly.
  • SF-362805 - Style Property margin is now working properly for the Bezier Connector Annotation.
  • F170870 - Resolved the exception when Flipping SVG Nodes Label.


  • #F171863 - Now, setting the showCloseIcon to false prevents from rendering the close icon in the dialog header.

Document Editor

  • #F171012 - Character style is now applied properly.
  • #SF-361141 - Resolved the endnote number format rendering issue.
  • #SF-359056 - Resolved the hanging issue in loading document with hebrew text.
  • #SF-352586, #F170330 - Resolved the track changes and restrict editing region issues in header/footer.
  • #SF-364411 - Resolved the image height and width serialization issue in server-side exporting.
  • #SF-361566 - Resolved the wrapping style issue in header/footer.
  • #SF-361147 - Resolved the relayout issue in footnote moving to next page.
  • #SF-361532 - Resolved the strike through applying issue for bulleted list.
  • #F171673, #SF-362944 - Resolved the comments pane opening issue in editing.
  • #SF-361056, #SF-364408 - Resolved the empty revision loading issue track changes pane.
  • #I357666 - Issue with “value is not updated dynamically when its not present in the popup” has been resolved.

Excel Export

  • Added support for cell style strike through option in Grid to Excel export.

File Manager

  • #I362885 - The issue with “File upload is failed for all files, when cancel the upload of a single file from multiple files in File Manager component” has been resolved.
  • #I357910 - The issue with “cancel option of file open event is not available for navigation pane in File Manager” has been resolved.
  • #I357736 - The issue with “When trying to delete the root folder it causes an error in File Manager” has been resolved.
  • #I363348 - The issue with “File Manager package has security issues with Selenium web driver” has been resolved.
  • #I357221 - Provided sorting support for navigation pane of the File Manager component.


  • #362011 - Date alignment issue with Gantt Zoom to fit top tier and bottom tier has been fixed.
  • #364643 - Extra fields are added in dataSource property for bottom position issue has been fixed.
  • #363210 - Issue in performing edit dialog when we map only segments tab in editDialogFields has been fixed.
  • #364723 - Issue in updating dataSource property using insert key has been fixed.
  • #364643 - New record added in the top of datasource when row position is set as Bottom has been fixed.


  • #I359192 - Ellipsis is not showing for the cells in the Firefox browser has been fixed.
  • #I363178 - Filter dialog position mismatches when disable ColumnMenu for particular column is fixed.
  • #I357482 - Not able to set the pager dropdown value as All on initialization issue has been fixed.
  • #F172084 - rowSelected event arguments row data is incorrect while select rows with Ctrl, issue has been fixed.
  • #F171933 - Row hover is not shown after the row drag and drop action is fixed.
  • #F171832 - Wrong grid cell value in pdfHeaderQueryCellInfo event issue has been fixed.
  • #F171308 - Lint error while passing null value in filterByColumn method is fixed.


  • #I330291 - Issue with Duplicate items not removed properly using remove items method has been resolved.
  • Issue with setItem method has been fixed.

Office Chart

  • #SF-355895 - Resolved the stacked column rendering issue.
  • #SF-359392 - Resolved the pie chart color rendering issue.

PDF Viewer

  • #I360337- Exception is thrown while downloading the empty list box field is now resolved.
  • #I360635,#I361422,#I361359- Now, the form field is hidden properly when setting the visible property to hidden.
  • #I358375- Now, the PDF document loaded properly in the PDF Viewer when you set the size limit for the memory cache.
  • #I359388- Now, the form fields position is correct for a rotated PDF document.
  • #I354638- Now, the free text annotation is not hidden when clicking outside of the free text annotation.
  • #I360405- Now, the Free text annotations and ink annotations are rendered properly in the lower zoom factors.
  • #F171647- Now, the annotationAdd event is triggered after adding the sticky notes annotation in the annotation collection.
  • #I361639- The Script error will no longer be thrown when loading the form-fields document without injecting the form field module.
  • #I362311- Now, the Move cursor is not showing above the custom stamp while the custom stamp annotation is selected.
  • #I359233- The hidden issue of free text characters is now resolved.
  • #I363626- The Script error will no longer be thrown while loading a PDF document when the enableHyperlink is set to false.
  • #I363055- Now, the free text becomes edited properly while clicking the selector.
  • #I363411- Now, the free text position on a downloaded document is accurate on the Chrome browser.

Pdf Export


Preservation issue will no longer occurs while export the pdf cells having hierarchical grid

Pivot Table

  • #I359726, #I354750 - When using the virtual scrolling feature, the pivot table can now be exported properly to Excel and CSV formats.
  • Even the value fields starts with the same unique name, the Pivot Table values are now properly displayed.
  • #I363972 - With the toolbar UI, the Pivot Chart is now refreshed properly while performing checkbox selection in the chart menu.


  • Script error thrown when we open fields option and click outside has been resolved.


  • #F171387 - Now, pressing the backspace key when the cursor is at the start of the last list element works properly.
  • #I361186 - Now, cursor focus in the Rich Text Editor works properly when continuously pressing enter and shift + enter keys.
  • #F171703 - Now, paste the content in the Rich Text Editor after pressing the shift + enter key works properly.


  • #I362813 - An issue with appointment start and end time changes on each schedule layout resize action while using timezone property has been fixed.
  • #I363018 - An issue with event template content is empty after performing CRUD action with resource has been fixed.


  • SF-354603 - Thousand separator is not working properly for custom number format issue has been fixed.
  • SF-349643 - Excel with external file link takes more time to load issue fixed.
  • SF-362947 - Cascading cell values does not get updated properly for imported file issue has been fixed.
  • SF-362574 - After filtering the cell validation isHighlighted property is enabled and updated wrongly on other cells while scrolling issue resolved.
  • SF-362013 - Dependent cells are not getting updated in unique formula issue has been fixed.
  • SF-353164 - Value property is not available while cell containing formula in saved JSON issue has been fixed.
  • SF-360130 - Conditional formatting is not working properly when insert/delete rows and columns issue has been fixed.
  • SF-362001 - Copy and paste is not work properly with conditional formatting when save and load the spreadsheet as JSON issue has been fixed.
  • SF-362018 - Script error on clearing column data validation issue is resolved.
  • SF-362567 - Data is not updated in the list validation when row is inserted issue has been fixed.
  • F169781, SF-351357 - Provided filtering, sorting, show/hide rows and columns functionalities for freeze pane enabled spreadsheet.
  • SF-359671, SF-356044, SF-361047 - actionBegin event triggered for undo / redo actions. Added isUndo and isRedo property in undo and redo action respectively to differentiate it from the regular action.

Svg Base

  • #I363270 – Chart tooltip is now displaying properly for all data points.