Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

January 18, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I361065 - Rotated y axis labels are positioned properly now.
  • #I361317 - Shared tooltip template far away from cursor has fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • F171509 - The issue “getDiagramContent() is not working properly” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #F169863, #SF-354348 - Resolved the server-side exporting issue in SFDT to Docx.
  • #SF-359780 - Resolved the layout issue in word 2013 justification for list applied text.
  • #SF-356294 - Resolved the extra space adding while copying and pasting text with bookmarks.
  • #SF-356242 - Resolved the style issue for the newly added rows & columns in the table.
  • #SF-358936 - Resolved the HTML Element ContentEditable property issue in DocumentEditor.
  • #SF-357051 - Resolved the element alignment issue due to page break.
  • #SF-355713 - Resolved the script error in applying restrict editing in DocumentEditorContainer.
  • #SF-354207 - Resolved the atleast line spacing type line height issue.
  • #SF-354215 - Resolved the floating elements positioning issue after update form fields.
  • #SF-357939 - Resolved the footer overlapping issue after pasting large content.
  • #SF-354644 - Resolved the overlapping issue for image with top and bottom wrapping style in header.
  • #SF-358814 - Document with applied list format is exported properly.
  • #F171012 - Resolved the script error in applying the list format to character style applied text.
  • #SF-358474 - Resolved the header/footer tooltip and toolbar item text wrap issue when localized.
  • #SF-358523 - Resolved the status bar and font family style issue when localized.
  • #SF-356958 - Resolved the misalignment after list applying.
  • #SF-355425 - Resolved the auto fit table with preferred with type ‘Point’ is now layouted properly.
  • #SF-359606 - Resolved the default tab width calculation with tab stop.
  • #SF-355860 - Resolved the tab element layout issue in footer.
  • #SF-359156 - Resolved the cropped image issue rendering in header/footer.
  • #SF-354038 - Resolved the performance issue in inserting table more rows.


Bug Fixes

  • #359455 - Issue in rendering Gantt when parent container height is set in percentage has been fixed.
  • #360424 - Issue in performing drag and drop when resource is set to null has been fixed.
  • #360085 - Issue in adding new record after performing expand collapse action for multiple times has been fixed.
  • #360081 - Console error thrown when we assign resources to parent tasks has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #SF-359831 - Script error thrown in frozen grid while hiding the column through column chooser with aggregates issue has been fixed.
  • #SF-359248 - Script error thrown if frozen grid have empty records with PersistSelection feature issue has been fixed.
  • #F171949 - Script error while filtering with UrlAdaptor is resolved.


Bug Fixes

#I359772,#I359880- Now, the form fields are editable on the mobile device.
#I359042- Free text annotations are downloaded properly without hiding any last character.
#I358308- Spinners are hidden properly while removing the display as none for the spinner.
#I360035- The Script error will no longer be thrown while using the editAnnotation method in mobile mode.
#I358584- Stamps are saved properly in the rotated PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #I346790 - The Pivot Table is now properly refreshed with virtual scrolling when using touch.


  • #I354750 - Provided events support to customize cell values in PivotEngine export.


Bug Fixes

  • #F171650 - An issue with localized text is not applied for the week numbers tooltip in year view has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • SF-354173, SF-360223, SF-360057 - Selection misalignment and script error on undo operation after resize the row.
  • SF-360109 - While copy paste the merge cell with all borders, the left border is missing in pasted cell.
  • SF-360465, SF-360473 - Undo action for deleted column which is before the viewport area causes script error and selection misalignment issue resolved.
  • SF-356947 - Row height not proper while applying larger font size when row set as custom height issue resolved.