Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

June 8, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • #F165670 - Marker Explode is now rendered properly with image.
  • #328528 - Histogram is rendering properly when the binInterval value is 0.
  • #328780 - multiLevelLabelClick event is now triggering in canvas mode.


Bug Fixes

  • #I327457 - The issue with node gradient is not applied while continuously performing the undo and redo functionality issue has been fixed.
  • #330528 - The issue “Connector horizontal Alignment is not rendered properly at initial rendering” has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB25004 - Exported document with table is opened properly in Libre Office.
  • #I325323 - Textbox shape is now rendered properly.
  • #FB24917 - Document is now exporting properly after deleting comment.
  • #F163116 - Hanging indent is now retrieved properly in paragraph dialog.
  • #I327769 - Checkbox is now layout properly.
  • #I326567 - Nested table with preferred width type percent now rendered properly.
  • #I328479 - Resolved script error while deleting merged cells.


Bug Fixes

  • #I329898, #I329726, #I330440, #I330494, #I330714, #I330816, #I331022 - Frozen headers not refreshed while refresh the grid in latest chrome is resolved.
  • #I327857 - Script error throws while save grid with edited state in two child grid is fixed.
  • #I329250 - Adaptive view filter function issue has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #F165595 - The issue with “Card data changed even when the editing cancel in the dialog(card editing)” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #I328989 - Now, the clear and create button in the signature panel is enabled only on drawing the signature.
  • #I328499 - Now, the stamp annotations are downloaded correctly in the PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #I327333 - An issue with the scheduler current time indicator position not maintained has been fixed.
  • #I329599 - An issue with the scheduler eventRendered event in agenda view has been fixed.
  • #F165707 - An issue with the external drag between two scheduler has been fixed.
  • #I330676 - An issue with the scheduler more popup is not updated when deleting the event in year view has been fixed.
  • #I330946 - An issue with the scheduler keyboard interaction when the readonly property is enabled has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I328361 - Resizing row is not proper when the row contains \n in the data source issue has been fixed.
  • I328869, I329122 - Nested IF formula and SUMIF formula negative value issues resolved.
  • I328812 - Finite scrolling in virtual mode issue resolved.
  • I328809 - Sheet content scrolls up on editing issue resolved.


  • #I307401 - Filter UI updating for insert and delete column actions.
  • I328800 - Provided option for updating the paneTopLeftCell property dynamically.


Bug Fixes

  • #F165830 - An issue with Toolbar template when state of component changed in functional based components has been fixed.