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Syncfusion JavaScript (ES5) UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

June 1, 2021



  • #328156 - The issue “An exception raised when send the swimlane back to the normal node” has been fixed.
  • #324236 - The issue “When exporting the node with gradient color the exported image does not contain proper node gradient ” has been fixed.
  • #324541 - This issue “An exception occurs when printing the diagram with a Content security policy tag.” has been fixed.
  • #I325640 - The issue “When dynamically adding node and perform the bringToFront method. The order command functionality not working properly” has been resolved.
  • #328132 - The issue “The combination of port constraints is not working” has been fixed.


  • #F164806 - The issue with “Click event binding not working, when button is rendered as tags(<e-buttons>) in the dialog” has been resolved.

Document Editor

  • #I326144 - Resolved the issue with multi line track changes.
  • #I328063 - Document with checkbox form field applied with to character format is now opened properly.
  • #I328067 - Resolved the navigation issue in inline form field editing.
  • #F164875, #F163714 - Resolved the unsupported textbox border as square border.
  • #I327817 - Resolved the script error in using insert footnote in custom toolbar.
  • #I325320 - Page number is now updated properly.

Excel Export

  • Sheet name proper in Grid to Excel export.

File Manager

  • #F165213 - The issue with “The Details view path column is not removed when refreshing the File Manager files” has been resolved.
  • #F160683 - The issue with “Error dialog shown while quickly clicking on the folders when enabling drag and drop support” has been resolved.


  • #328182 - Mismatch between timeline and chart body content has been fixed.
  • #165629 - Notes updated properly in Gantt chart when new task is added.
  • #325331 - Immutable mode issue on data source refresh has been fixed.
  • F163073 - Issue on RemoteSaveAdaptor has been fixed.


  • #I329121 - Horizontal scrolling in columnVirtualization makes glitch issue has been fixed.
  • #I326727 - Column resize issue with frozen right/left and aggregate has been resolved.
  • #I327237 - Empty row appears while hiding/showing columns in virtualized grouping grid, has been fixed.
  • #I299221 - Frozen part refresh issue with template column has been resolved.
  • #I311142 - Provided internal event to handle queries on custom ExcelFilter dataSource.


  • #F165617, #F165618 - The issue with “Kanban edit dialog element not removed when args.cancel is set to true on dialogOpen event” has been resolved.
  • #I328517 - The issue with the “Swimlane template did not render properly when loaded on mobile device” has been resolved.
  • #I326559 - The issue with “Descending order of cards in the column is not maintained when adding a new card” has been resolved.


  • #322790 - When third-party cookies are disabled in the web browser, Maps will now display correctly.
  • #I326704 - Provided an option to close the menu.
  • #I316367 - The issue with Menu Scroll bar using template in angular has been resolved.
  • #I328143 - The issue with Hamburger mode when changing items dynamically has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

  • #I328030 - The dynamic stamp annotation size is maintained properly while importing and exporting the stamp annotation in XFDF format.
  • #I326779 - The issue with “Image quicktoolbar not show second time when the dialog is opened second time” has been resolved.


  • #I327566 - The issue with “Image resizing is not working properly when resizeByPercent is set true” has been resolved.
  • #I327676 - The issue with “Custom toolbar icons not disabled/enabled on various scenarios” has been resolved.
  • #I327536 - The issue with “Pasting content from outlook doesn’t work properly after the first time” has been resolved.
  • #I327087 - The issue with “Clicking backspace of the letter next to the image delete the image” has been resolved.
  • #I275771, #I275873 - Provided beforePasteCleanUp and afterPasteCleanUp events for customizing pasted content in the Rich Text Editor.


  • #F165550 - An issue with script error throws while dragging the scheduler events in IE11 has been fixed.


  • #I326912 - Image positioned with negative values after drag and drop issue has been fixed.
  • #24970 - Zero value is not copied from spreadsheet and pasted into MS Excel issue has been fixed.
  • #I327232 - Copy and paste issue of conditional formatting for highlight cell rules case has been fixed.
  • #24626 - Pasting merge cell when copied from MS Excel issue has been fixed.
  • #I328300 - Data gets duplicated while apply sorting with hidden columns issue has been fixed.
  • #24231 - Filter is not getting removed from cells after save and load issue has been fixed.
  • I324752 - Horizontal scrolling through touchpad not working issue resolved in chrome, firefox and edge browsers.
  • #24582 - Conditional formatting is not getting refreshed in a cell with formula after editing argument values issue has been fixed.
  • I328018 - Editing is not working in formula bar for unlocked cells issue resolved.
  • I328870 - Hide sheet option in context menu not working issue resolved.
  • I328151 - Clear content option not working properly in hyperlink applied cells issue resolved.
  • I327665 - Provided the CTRL + A and double/triple tap selection support inside the cell.
  • I329132, I329160 - Deleting a row changes the formula values to #REF! issue resolved.
  • I328248 - Charts are not refreshed during filtering issue resolved.
  • I327667 - Match formula does not throw error while no match is found in a given range issue resolved.
  • I306565 - Cross tab formula cell range selection and sheet name reference in formula issues resolved.
  • #22392 - Added beforeConditionalFormat event which will be triggered before applying or removing the format from a cell based on its condition.

Tree Grid

  • #I328329, #I328381 - Adding a new record while using both context menu add Row and toolbar add option works fine.
  • #I328329 - Provided support for adding new row as a child using context menu.


  • #I328435 - Added the !default flag to the dark theme definition files.
  • #I326667 - The issue with “The getNode method returns invalid hasChildren attribute value while disabling the loadOnDemand support” has been resolved.
  • #FB24632 - Resolved the issue with “Unable to drop a node as child node while dropping it into the template node text” in the TreeView component.