Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

February 5, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • 262642 - Accumulation Chart data manager result getting previous data while using query issue has fixed.
  • 147090 - ‘clearSeries’ Method is added to the Chart for clearing the all series.
  • #149030 - Label Intersect Action does not work for datalabel template issue fixed.
  • #262400 - Tooltip y value is not working when enable the group separator issue fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #262675 - Provided the support to prevent the XSS attacks using the enableHtmlSanitizer property.


Bug Fixes

  • #260342 - Issue with “input not focus while already opened the another datepicker” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #260206 - Resolved numbering list issue when list contains start at value.
  • #260206 - Restart numbering is now working properly for different number format.
  • #260637 - Resolved script error when removing comment in header.
  • #249197 - Resolved exception when export Sfdt to other type in server side.


  • #260639 - Added enableComment property to enable and disable comment.
  • #259970 - Handled paste list behaviour using start at value of list.


Bug Fixes

  • #261008 - Aggregate issue while batch adding in empty Grid has been resolved.
  • #150685 - Persist selection behaviour issue has been fixed
  • #260966 - Excel Filter locale text issue has been resolved.
  • #261623 - Script error while removing foreign key column filter issue has been resolved.
  • #260182 - Multiple request while setting query issue has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #F151029 - Checkbox selection not updated on initial load, while rendering the ListBox with iconCss issue fixed.
  • Provided ‘actionBegin’ and ‘actionComplete’ event when moving items.


Bug Fixes

  • Issue with predicate generation for date type is fixed.

Breaking Changes

Property Name Previous Type Current Type  
format string string FormatObject


Bug Fixes

  • #150737 - Resolved the issue with inserting an image dialog that was not properly rendered on mobile devices.
  • #F150655 - The issue ‘Images not uploaded into the server when pasting only an image from the MS Word in the Rich Text Editor’ has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #261892 - Issue with removePane public method does not update the value of the paneSettings property.


Bug Fixes

#I256901 - Hyperlink is not working with URL scheme ‘https’ issue has been fixed.
#I256901 - Export not working when adding hyperlink through method issue has been fixed.