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Syncfusion JavaScript (ES5) UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

October 3, 2019


  • #240169 - Resolved Drag and drop doesn’t work, if Drag element is partially hidden.
  • #240696 - Fixed the positioning of the draggable element without clone misbehaves after scrolling.


  • 245474 - Improper rendering of other components inside the accordion content issue has been fixed.

  • Material dark theme issue has been resolved.
  • Accessing multiple cssClass property issue with accordion has been fixed.


  • #248193 - Issue with “once autocomplete popup open is prevented by setting args.cancel as true in beforeOpen event then you can’t remove the prevent a popup opening using beforeOpen event” has been resolved.


  • Trim support have been provided for axis title in chart.
  • Axis padding at desired position has been provided.


Breaking Changes
  • #235197, #249206 - By default UTC time zone values are converted into local time zones without the use of serverTimezoneOffset.


  • #F147622 - The issue “Annotation content is not properly aligned for Bezier connector when Segments has control points” has been resolved.
  • #247074 - The issue “Overview size reset to zero while resizing the browser window” has been resolved.
  • #248460 - The node ports of all diagram nodes are visible when we move a single node in the diagram has been fixed.
  • F147492 - The issue “dragging one node and dropping it to another node, the node highlighter not removed” has been fixed.
  • #F147578- Exception raised on swim lane rendering has been fixed.
  • #247967 - Exception raised while moving overview rectangle when HTML node contains SVG tag has been fixed.
  • #249149 - Console errors occur when try to edit the orthogonal segments using Ctrl+Shift+click is now resolved.

Document Editor

  • #243771 - Clipboard data is now pasted as plain text, If XHTML validation fails.
  • #246264, #246143, #247143 - Styles now updated properly for the selected paragraph.
  • #246003 - Default character and paragraph format is now set on initial control rendering.
  • #245766 - Table of contents is now copied properly.
  • #245891 - Merge field is now copied as a plain text.
  • #245860, #246440 - Script error is fixed after paste switch to different formatting.
  • #245461 - Left border width is now updated properly.
  • #246168 - List tab width is now calculated properly when hanging indent is specified.
  • #245890 - Script error is fixed when pasting content copied from word.
  • #247896, #147336 - Text is now visible when its container contains flex style property.
  • #246884 - Copy and paste single paragraph containing list is now resolved.
  • #247831 - Script error is fixed while importing document.
  • #246168 - List font style is now rendered properly.
  • #246751 - Script error is now resolved when editing inside nested table.
  • #245453 - Paragraph is now lay-outed properly when it has based on style.
  • #244786, #248882 - RTL text exporting issues are fixed.
  • #244786 - Cursor now updated properly after inserting merge field when paragraph is set as RTL.
  • #245203 - Added support to preserve and layout start page number for sections

File Manager

  • The issue with the fileOpen event that was not triggered for folder navigation through navigation pane has been fixed.


  • F147755 - Chart part disappearing issue when splitter position value greater than control width has been fixed.


  • #247870,#248097 - Print issue while having grouped columns has been fixed.
  • #244767 - Script error thrown when having custom aggregates and dynamically show/hide columns has been fixed.
  • #247790,#147427 - True type font issue when having header in Pdf Export has been fixed.
  • #147146 - Check box filter is not showing results while typing in the search box for boolean type column.
  • #242503 - Summary not updated for newly added records in the Grid with batch edit mode with freeze columns issue has been fixed.
  • #147270 - Maximum call stack issue occurs when Grid has no records and set visible property as false for first column has been fixed.
  • #147513 - AutoComplete does not show records properly in filter menu while using complex data binding has been fixed.

In-place Editor

  • #247721 - The issue with rendering the MultiSelect type of In-place editor while configuring remote data source has been resolved.


  • F147309 - Issue in adding sub layer in the ‘OpenStreetMap’ has been resolved.


  • #248288 - Issue with “console error thrown when set the openOnClick property as false in checkbox mode” has been resolved.

PDF Viewer

  • #I247914 – The perimeter annotation will be rendered properly when the line is ended in the starting point.
  • #I248062 – Extra edge will not be added to the polygon shapes when rendered in the page.
  • #I248092 – Contents will not be swapped if you switch randomly between two documents.
  • #I248093 – Script error will no longer be thrown if you switch randomly between two documents.
  • #I247787 – The searched text will be highlighted properly in the provided document.
  • #I146785 – Script error will no longer be thrown when the PDF Viewer control is used in the React application.
  • #I227046, #I230887, #I142366, #I231973, #I237847, #I244849, #I238686, #I239233, #I241638, #I241638, #I242232, #I239221, #I240051, #I245255 – The support has been provided for filling the form fields.
  • #I233655, #I236240, #I236825, #I238694, #I241974, #I243864, #I245087 – The support has been provided for free text annotation.
  • #I246059 - Exposed the thumbnailClick event to identify the thumbnail clicks action.
  • #I246767 – The support has been provided to export the annotation details as JSON object in client-side.
  • #I245008 – The support has been provided to update the existing calibrate annotation if we modify the scale value.
  • Improved the scrolling performance in mobile devices.


  • #249182 - The issue with localizing static texts of paste prompt dialog in the Rich Text Editor has been fixed.
  • #249613 - The issue with pasting content from Microsoft Excel sheet that throws console error in the Rich Text Editor has been fixed.


  • #240169 - An issue with drag and drop the appointments which are taller than the Scheduler has been fixed.
  • #249012 - An issue with editing the recurrence events in the block dates has been fixed.
  • #246295 - An issue with QuickInfo window is not open on cell click action has been fixed.
  • #245942, #241514 - An issue with scrolling is not working in properly in different mobile mode has been fixed.
  • #246563 - An issue with event is not rendered properly in agenda view has been fixed.
  • #244271 - An issue with editor window is not closed when edit the event has been fixed.
  • #246788 - An issue with cell selection event does not provide the proper cell details has been fixed.
  • #246565 - An issue with scroller position is not positioned at current date in timeline month view has been fixed.


  • Sorting: Helps you to arrange the data to particular order in a selected range of cells.
  • Resize: Allows you to change the row height and column width. Auto fit the rows and columns based on its content.


  • Provided scroll step customization support for tab header.


  • #246351 - Provided autocomplete property for setting the autocomplete attribute to the textbox.


  • #237050 - CheckBox Selection works fine while refreshing dataSource.
  • #F147099 - Row drag and drop working fine with self reference data.
  • #247045 - Row drag and drop support has been provided for Remote Data.
  • #246926 - Searching works fine when the hierarchyMode is child and when records are in collapsed state.
  • #237050, #237420, #237783 - Custom Data binding support has been provided that allows users to handle data externally and bind result to treegrid.
  • #F145931 - Frozen Rows and Columns support has been provided that freezes the specific rows or columns and make them always visible in the top and/or left side of the Tree Grid while scrolling.


  • 246937 - The unchecking checkbox performance issue has been resolved.