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Syncfusion JavaScript (ES5) UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

June 11, 2019



  • 144983 - Label style not working in axisLabelRender event for polar and radar series type issue fixed.

  • 237811 - Chart rendered with default width in Internet Explorer issue fixed.

Dashboard Layout

  • 237417 - Click event of button is not triggering when it is placed inside the panel element of DashboardLayout.


  • 235294 - Pager of the grid is refreshed properly during grid persistence.

  • 232623 - Complex field structure for primary key columns when using deep watch has been resolved.

  • 233441 - Misalignment has been fixed when applying auto-fit for stacked header columns.

  • 234514 - Context menu is properly rendering when using both default and custom items in header.

  • 235841 - Colspan is set properly while having empty records in hierarchy grid.

  • 236745 - aria-label attribute is updated when changing value in batch mode.

  • 144884 - Selected rowIndexes during selectAll checkbox operation has been resolved.

  • 143410 - Exporting pdf document with UTC date value in string format has been fixed.

  • 235826 - Filter icon overlaps the headerText when using menu filter dynamically has been fixed.

  • 235017 - Problem with visible property, when HideAtMedia is enabled for the column has been resolved.

  • 235264 - Script error when click on the column menu filter option in phone mode has been fixed.

  • 236759 - ContextMenu maintains the previous selected row has been resolved.

  • 237815 - Grid updated value is persisted when data has not been returned from server.

  • 237239 - Template column is rendered properly with persistence during page refresh.


  • #234343 - An issue with adding resources dynamically when it has empty collection in initially has been fixed.
  • #235165 - An issue with rowAutoHeight property enabled the horizontal scroll wrongly in month view has been fixed.