Essential Studio for EJ2 JavaScript Release Notes

January 29, 2019


The Chip control contains a small block of essential information that triggers an event on click action. It also contains the primary text, image, or both, and is mostly used in mails, contacts, or filter tags.

  • Input chip - Basic chip with delete icon that represents a person or entity and enables removal of chips from the chip list collection.
  • Choice chip - Used to select a choice from the available options.
  • Filter chip - Used to select multiple choices from the available options.
  • Action chip - Used to trigger actions for primary content.


Bug Fixes

  • Pointer drag in circular gauge is working fine now in touch devices.


  • Support has been provided to round off the axis label values and tooltip text.
  • Support has been provided to display the last label even if it is not in the visible range.
  • An event has been provided to get or set the Circular Gauge radius dynamically.
  • Provided support to assign percentage values for pointer width, ranges width and axis line width.


The DashboardLayout is a grid structured layout control that helps create a dashboard with panels. Panels hold the UI components and allow resize, reorder, drag-n-drop, remove and add options. This allows users to easily place the components at the desired position within the grid layout.

  • Drag and Drop: Allows drag and drop of panels at the desired location within the dashboard.
  • Resizing: Support to resize the panels in any direction as per the requirement.
  • Floating: Floats the panels upward when the dragging option is enabled.
  • Media Query: Allows the panels to be stacked when the specified resolution is met.


Bug Fixes

  • Updated Readme and GitHub URL.


  • Added rotation property to set text rotation on export.
  • Added formula property to set formulas on export.
  • Added rich-text support on export.


Bug Fixes

  • Updating Vue component data throws script error with stacked header is resolved.
  • rowHeight is not working when group grid columns is resolved.
  • Pager dropdown does not render in Production is fixed.
  • Provided support to exclude the grid properties from persist in the grid initialize.
  • Validation rules not working in Grid stacked columns is fixed.
  • Advanced popup is misaligned in excel-filter when scroll down on the page.
  • RowSelected event is triggered when sub context menu get open is fixed.
  • Query property not working for dynamic property change is fixed.
  • Touch-scrolling frozen content moves page scrollbar is resolved.
  • Script error throws in row-template when scroll up/down is fixed.
  • Unable to filter the date column with excel-filter using DataOperations class is fixed.
  • IE cannot handle the viewport height when scroll(virtual scrolling) is resolved.
  • Grouped column is not included in dialog editing when showGroupedColumn is false is fixed.
  • Initial Grouping not maintained when setting the locale property dynamically is fixed.
  • Script error when editTemplate is used in batch mode is fixed.


  • row Drag and Drop support within a single grid is provided.
  • Support for true type font in PDF library is added.
  • Hierarchy Grid printing support is added.
  • Support For Excel,CSV and Pdf export with Hierarchy Grid is provided.
  • Support for row-spanning in Grid is added.
  • Adding a new row at the bottom of the grid support is added.
  • support for paste option to Grid from Excelsheet/Grid is provided.
  • Excel-Like Auto Filling support is added.



  • Now it is possible to provide minimum and maximum values for bubble size in Bubble Heatmap.
  • Provided support for resized and loaded client-side events in Heatmap. The resized event will be triggered before Heatmap being rendered and the loaded event will be triggered after Heatmap is completely rendered on window resize action.

Bug Fixes

  • Popup not opened properly when two menu rendered side by side issue fixed.



  • F141747- Always shows value caption in headers even having single measure.
  • Cell selection now allows to select cells as row and column wise.
  • Shows the filter state in the fields of filter axis.



  • The right-to-left (RTL) rendering support has been provided


Breaking Changes

  • TimePicker pop-up will position at the center of the viewport in mobile resolution.


Bug Fixes

  • Query maintenance support provided for refresh method after expanding any child rows.
  • Property change support for height property has been provided.
  • Expand icon is prevented from displaying for the root/zeroth level record which has hasChildMapping field as false.
  • Child records of third level or its successor displays properly based on their hierarchy relation in self reference data binding.


  • Excel-Like Filtering support is provided that allows users to create complex filter criteria for a column by allowing users to select possible filter values from a checkbox list. The advanced filter can be used to build complex filter criteria.


Bug Fixes

  • The issue with, “When disabling the TreeView parent nodes, the child nodes also appear in a disabled state” has been fixed.