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Spell Checker in JavaScript (ES5) DocumentEditor control

14 Apr 2021 / 2 minutes to read

Document editor supports performing spell checking for any input text. You can perform spell checking for the text in Document Editor and it will provide suggestions for the mis-spelled words through dialog and in context menu.

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import { DocumentEditorContainer,Toolbar, SpellChecker } from '@syncfusion/ej2-documenteditor';

let container: DocumentEditorContainer = new DocumentEditorContainer({
    enableToolbar: true, enableSpellCheck: true
//Accessing spell checker.
let spellChecker: SpellChecker = container.documentEditor.spellChecker;
spellChecker.languageID = 1033 //LCID of "en-us";
spellChecker.removeUnderline = false;
spellChecker.allowSpellCheckAndSuggestion = true;


  • Supports context menu suggestions.
  • Provides built-in options to Ignore, Ignore All, Change, Change All for error words in spell checker dialog.

Enable SpellCheck

To enable spell check in DocumentEditor, set enableSpellCheck property as true and then configure SpellCheckSettings.

Disable SpellCheck

To disable spell check in DocumentEditor, set enableSpellCheck property as false or remove enableSpellCheck property initialization code. The default value of this property is false.

Spell check settings

Remove Underline

By default, mis-spelled words are marked with squiggly line. You can also disable this behavior by enabling the removeUnderline API and now, the squiggly lines will never be rendered for mis-spelled words.

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documentEditor.spellChecker.removeUnderline = false;


By default, on performing spell check in Document Editor, both spelling and suggestions of the mis-spelled words will be retrieved, and this mis-spelled words can be corrected through context menu suggestions. You can modify this behavior using the allowSpellCheckAndSuggestion API, which will perform only spell check.

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documentEditor.spellChecker.allowSpellCheckAndSuggestion = false;


Document Editor provides multi-language spell check support. You can add as many languages (dictionaries) in the server-side and to use that language for spell checking in Document Editor, it must be matched with languageID you pass in the Document Editor.

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documentEditor.spellChecker.languageID = 1033; //LCID of "en-us";
  • Refer to the Spell checker link for configuring spell checker in server-side.