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Name Description
TreeMapLegend Legend module class
CommonTitleSettings To configure title of the maps.
Font Configures the fonts in treemap.
LegendSettings Configures the legend settings.
LevelSettings Options for customizing the tree map levels.
Margin Configures the treemap margin.
SubTitleSettings To configure subtitle of the maps.
TitleSettings To configure title of the maps.
TreeMap Represents the TreeMap control.
TreeMapHighlight Performing treemap highlight
TreeMapSelection Performing treemap selection
TreeMapTooltip Render Tooltip
ExportUtils Annotation Module handles the Annotation for Maps
Location Map internal class for Point
Size Create the class for size
TreeMapAjax Ajax support for treemap
IDrillStartEventArgs Specifies the Drill Start Event arguments.
IItemRenderingEventArgs Specifies the Item Rendering Event arguments.
ILegendItemRenderingEventArgs Specifies legendRendering event arguments for maps.
ILegendRenderingEventArgs Specifies legendRendering event arguments for maps.
ILoadEventArgs Specifies the Load Event arguments.
ILoadedEventArgs Specifies the Loaded Event arguments.
IResizeEventArgs TreeMap Resize event arguments.
ITreeMapTooltipRenderEventArgs Specifies the Tooltip Rendering Event arguments.
Static Functions Root static functions of Treemap Component
MarkerShape Configures the borders in the maps.
Alignment Defines the Alignment.
HighLightMode Defines the highlight mode.
LabelAlignment labelAlignment
LabelIntersectAction Defines the label intersect action types
LabelPlacement Defines the label placement type
LabelPosition Specifies the types of label position.
LayoutMode Specifies the types of layout rendering modes.
LegendMode Defines the Legend modes. They are
* Default - Specifies the Default mode.
* interactive - specifies the Interactive mode.
LegendOrientation Defines the legend arrangement
LegendPosition Defines the position of the legend. They are
* top - Displays the legend on the top.
* left - Displays the legend on the left.
* bottom - Displays the legend on the bottom.
* right - Displays the legend on the right.
* float - Displays the legend based on given x and y value.
LegendShape Defines the shape of legend.
RenderingMode Defines the Rtl Directions
SelectionMode Defines the highlight mode.
TreeMapTheme Defines Theme. They are
* Material - Render a treemap with Material theme.
* Fabric - Render a treemap with Fabric theme
* Bootstrap - Render a treemap with Bootstrap theme