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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Spreadsheet API control

Name Description
AutoFill AutoFill module allows to perform auto fill functionalities.
CellFormat CellFormat module allows to format the cell styles.
Delete The Delete module is used to delete cells, rows, columns and sheets from the spreadsheet.
Insert The Insert module is used to insert cells, rows, columns and sheets in to the spreadsheet.
Merge The Merge module is used to to merge the range of cells.
Resize The Resize module is used to handle the resizing functionalities in Spreadsheet.
UndoRedo UndoRedo module allows to perform undo redo functionalities.
WrapText Represents Wrap Text support for Spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Represents the Spreadsheet component.
ScrollSettings Represents the scroll settings.
SelectionSettings Represents the selection settings.
SpreadsheetChart Represents Chart support for Spreadsheet.
NumberFormat Specifies number format.
WorkbookAutoFill WorkbookAutoFill module allows to perform auto fill functionalities.
WorkbookCellFormat Workbook Cell format.
WorkbookDelete The WorkbookDelete module is used to delete cells, rows, columns and sheets from workbook.
WorkbookInsert The WorkbookInsert module is used to insert cells, rows, columns and sheets in to workbook.
WorkbookMerge The WorkbookMerge module is used to merge the range of cells.
Cell Represents the cell.
Column Configures the Column behavior for the spreadsheet.
Row Configures the Row behavior for the spreadsheet.
Range Configures the range processing for the spreadsheet.
Sheet Configures the sheet behavior for the spreadsheet.
UsedRange Used range which contains end row index and end column index of the last used cell in sheet .
Workbook Represents the Workbook.
AutoFillSettings Represents the AutoFillSettings.
Axis Represents the axis.
Border Represents the Border.
CellStyle Represents the cell style.
Chart Represents the Chart.
ConditionalFormat Represents the Conditional Formatting.
DataLabelSettings Represents the DataLabelSettings.
DefineName Represents the DefineName.
FilterCollection Represents the Filter Collection.
Format Represents the Format.
Hyperlink Represents the Hyperlink.
Image Represents the Image.
LegendSettings Represents the Legend.
MajorGridLines Specifies the major grid lines in the axis.
MarkerSettings Represents the MarkerSettings.
MinorGridLines Specifies the minor grid lines in the axis.
ProtectSettings Configures the Protect behavior for the spreadsheet.
SortCollection Represents the sort Collection.
Validation Represents the DataValidation.
WorkbookChart The WorkbookChart module is used to handle chart action in Spreadsheet.
DataBind Data binding module
WorkbookImage Specifies image.
WorkbookNumberFormat Specifies number format.
AutoFillEventArgs Interface for AutoFillEventArgs.
BeforeOpenEventArgs BeforeOpenEventArgs
BeforeSelectEventArgs BeforeSelectEventArgs
CellEditEventArgs CellEditEventArgs
CellRenderEventArgs CellRender EventArgs
CellSaveEventArgs CellSaveEventArgs
ConditionalFormatEventArgs CellSaveEventArgs
MenuSelectEventArgs MenuSelectEventArgs
NoteSaveEventArgs NoteSaveEventArgs
OpenFailureArgs OpenFailureArgs
OpenOptions OpenOptions
SelectEventArgs SelectEventArgs
BorderOptions Specifies the border options.
CellInfoEventArgs QueryCellInfo EventArgs
PrintOptions Specifies the options for the printing functionality in the spreadsheet.
SaveOptions Specify the options for saving a document, such as the file name, save type, and save action URL.
pdfLayoutSettings Specifies the PDF layout options.
Static Functions Root static functions of Spreadsheet Component
FindModeType Defines find mode options.
PasteSpecialType Defines paste options.
PrintType Defines the print modes.
SelectionMode Defines modes of Selection.
AutoFillDirection Defines Auto fill direction options.
AutoFillType Defines fill type options.
BorderType Border type
ChartShape Defines the shape of marker. They are
* circle - Renders a circle.
* rectangle - Renders a rectangle.
* triangle - Renders a triangle.
* diamond - Renders a diamond.
* cross - Renders a cross.
* horizontalLine - Renders a horizontalLine.
* verticalLine - Renders a verticalLine.
* pentagon- Renders a pentagon.
* invertedTriangle - Renders a invertedTriangle.
* image - Renders a image.
ChartTheme Chart theme
ChartType Chart type
ClearType Clear type
FontFamily Font family type
FontStyle Font style type
FontWeight Font weight type
FormatType Cell format type
LabelPosition Defines the LabelPosition, They are.
* outer - Position the label outside the point.
* top - Position the label on top of the point.
* bottom - Position the label on bottom of the point.
* middle - Position the label to middle of the point.
* auto - Position the label based on series.
LegendPosition Defines the position of the legend. They are
* auto - Places the legend based on area type.
* top - Displays the legend on the top of chart.
* left - Displays the legend on the left of chart.
* bottom - Displays the legend on the bottom of chart.
* right - Displays the legend on the right of chart.
MergeType Merge type
NumberFormatType Specifies the number format types in Spreadsheet.
PdfPageOrientation Defines the types of page orientation.
SaveType Specifies the option for save file type from Spreadsheet. By default, Excel save will be occur.
SheetState Sheet visibility state
SortOrder Defines the order of Sorting. They are
* Ascending
* Descending
TextAlign Horizontal alignment type
ValidationOperator validation operator
ValidationType validation type
VerticalAlign Vertical alignment type