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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Spreadsheet API control

Name Description
AutoFill AutoFill module allows to perform auto fill functionalities.
CellFormat CellFormat module allows to format the cell styles.
CollaborativeEditing Collaborative Editing module for real time changes in the Spreadsheet.
Delete The Delete module is used to delete cells, rows, columns and sheets from the spreadsheet.
Insert The Insert module is used to insert cells, rows, columns and sheets in to the spreadsheet.
Merge The Merge module is used to to merge the range of cells.
Resize The Resize module is used to handle the resizing functionalities in Spreadsheet.
UndoRedo UndoRedo module allows to perform undo redo functionalities.
WrapText Represents Wrap Text support for Spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Represents the Spreadsheet component.
ScrollSettings Represents the scroll settings.
SelectionSettings Represents the selection settings.
SpreadsheetChart Represents Chart support for Spreadsheet.
NumberFormat Specifies number format.
AutoFillEventArgs Interface for AutoFillEventArgs.
BeforeOpenEventArgs BeforeOpenEventArgs
BeforeSelectEventArgs BeforeSelectEventArgs
CellEditEventArgs CellEditEventArgs
CellRenderEventArgs CellRender EventArgs
CellSaveEventArgs CellSaveEventArgs
ConditionalFormatEventArgs CellSaveEventArgs
MenuSelectEventArgs MenuSelectEventArgs
OpenFailureArgs OpenFailureArgs
OpenOptions OpenOptions
SelectEventArgs SelectEventArgs
FindModeType Defines find mode options.
PasteSpecialType Defines paste options.
SelectionMode Defines modes of Selection.