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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Speed Dial API control

Name Description
RadialSettings Provides the options to customize the speed dial action buttons when mode of SpeedDial is Radial.
SpeedDial The SpeedDial component that appears in front of all the contents of the page and displays list of action buttons on click which is an extended version of FAB.
The button of speed dial is positioned in relative to a view port of browser or the .
It can display a menu of related actions or a custom content popupTemplate>.
SpeedDialAnimationSettings AProvides options to customize the animation applied while opening and closing the popup of SpeedDial.
SpeedDialItem Defines the items of Floating Action Button.
LinearDirection Defines the speed dial action items display direction when mode is Linear.
RadialDirection Defines the speed dial action items order, when mode is Radial.
SpeedDialAnimationEffect Defines the animation effect applied when open and close the speed dial items.
SpeedDialMode Defines the display mode of speed dial action items in SpeedDial
SpeedDialBeforeOpenCloseEventArgs Provides information about the beforeOpen and beforeClose event callback.
SpeedDialItemEventArgs Provides information about the beforeItemRender and clicked event callback.
SpeedDialOpenCloseEventArgs Provides information about the open and close event callback.