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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Ribbon API control

Name Description
Ribbon The Ribbon Component is a structured layout to manage tools with tabs and groups.
RibbonButton Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonCheckBox Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonColorPicker Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonComboBox Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonDropDown Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonSplitButton Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonButtonSettings Defines the ribbon button item.
RibbonCheckBoxSettings Defines the ribbon checkbox item.
RibbonCollection Defines the items of Ribbon.
RibbonColorPickerSettings Defines the ribbon color picker.
RibbonComboBoxSettings Defines the ribbon combobox item.
RibbonDropDownSettings Defines the ribbon DropDownButton item.
FileMenuSettings Defines the ribbon file menu settings.
RibbonGroup Defines the ribbon group.
RibbonItem Defines the ribbon item.
RibbonSplitButtonSettings Defines the ribbon SplitButton item.
RibbonTab Defines the ribbon tab.
RibbonTooltip Defines the ribbon tooltip.
RibbonFileMenu Defines the items of Ribbon.
DisplayMode Defines how to show an item in ribbon simplified layout.
ItemOrientation Defines the alignment of the items in the ribbon group.
RibbonItemSize Defines the current size of the ribbon item in normal mode.
RibbonItemType Defines the type of the ribbon item.
RibbonLayout Defines the layout types of ribbon.
ExpandCollapseEventArgs Event triggers before expanding and before collapsing the ribbon.
LauncherClickEventArgs Event Triggers when the launcher icon is clicked.
TabSelectedEventArgs Event triggers after selecting the tab item.
TabSelectingEventArgs Event triggers before selecting the tab item.
FileMenuBeforeOpenCloseEventArgs Event Triggers before opening or closing the file menu.
FileMenuEventArgs Event Triggers when selecting or creating the file menu item.
FileMenuOpenCloseEventArgs Event Triggers when opening or closing the file menu.