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PivotActionFailureEventArgs API in JavaScript (ES5) Pivotfieldlist API control

When the current UI action fails to achieve the desired result, the action failure event arguments provide necessary information about the current UI action, such as the current action name and failure information which are configured based on the UI actions like drill down/up, value sorting, built-in toolbar options, grouping bar and field list buttons actions such as sorting, filtering, editing, aggregate type change and so on, CRUD operation in editing in the Pivot Table.




Defines the name of the current action before it is completed. The following are the UI actions and their names: Pivot Table

  • Drill down and drill up - Drill down/up.
  • Value sorting - Sort value.


  • New report - Add new report.
  • Save report - Save current report.
  • Save as report - Save as current report.
  • Rename report - Rename current report.
  • Remove report - Remove current report.
  • Load report - Load report.
  • Conditional Formatting - Open conditional formatting dialog.
  • Number Formatting - Open number formatting dialog.
  • Show Fieldlist - Open field list.
  • Show Table - Show table view.
  • Chart menu - Show chart view.
  • Export menu - PDF/Excel/CSV export.
  • Sub-totals menu - Show/hide sub-totals.
  • Grand totals menu - Show/hide grand totals.
  • MDX - Open MDX dialog.

Grouping bar and Field List buttons

  • Editing - Edit calculated field.
  • Remove - Remove field.
  • Sorting - Sort field.
  • Filtering - Filter field.
  • Aggregation - Aggregate field.

Field List UI

  • Field list tree - Sort field tree.
  • Calculated field button - Open calculated field dialog.


  • Edit - Edit record.
  • Save - Save edited records.
  • Add - Add new record.
  • Delete - Remove record.



Defines the error information of the current action.