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PdfTilingBrush API in JavaScript (ES5) Pdf Export API control

PdfTilingBrush Implements a colored tiling brush.


element IPdfPrimitive

Gets the element.

graphics PdfGraphics

Gets Graphics context of the brush.

location PointF

Location representing the start position of the tiles.

rectangle Rectangle

Gets the boundary box of the smallest brush cell.

size SizeF

Gets the size of the smallest brush cell.

stroking boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating whether this PdfTilingBrush is used for stroking operations.



Creates a new copy of a brush.

Returns PdfBrush


Gets the resources and modifies the template dictionary.

Returns PdfResources


Monitors the changes of the brush and modify PDF state respectfully.

Parameter Type Description
brush PdfBrush The brush
streamWriter PdfStreamWriter The stream writer
getResources GetResourceEventHandler The get resources delegate.
saveChanges boolean if set to true the changes should be saved anyway.
currentColorSpace PdfColorSpace The current color space.

Returns boolean


Resets the changes, which were made by the brush. In other words resets the state to the initial one.

Parameter Type Description
streamWriter PdfStreamWriter The stream writer.

Returns void