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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Kanban API control

Name Description
Data Kanban data module
Kanban The Kanban board is an efficient way to visually depict various stages of a process using cards with transparent workflows.
The Kanban board has rich set of APIs, methods, and events used to enable or disable its features and customize them.
CardSettings Holds the configuration of card settings in kanban board.
Columns Holds the configuration of columns in kanban board.
DialogFields Holds the configuration of editor fields.
DialogSettings Holds the configuration of editor settings.
KanbanDialog Holds the configuration of edit dialog.
SortSettings Holds the configuration of sort settings in kanban board.
StackedHeaders Holds the configuration of stacked header settings in kanban board.
SwimlaneSettings Holds the configuration of swimlane settings in kanban board.
ActionEventArgs Provides information about a ActionBegin, ActionComplete, ActionFailure event.
CardClickEventArgs Provides information about a Card Click/Double Click event.
CardRenderedEventArgs Provides information about a CardRendered event.
DataSourceChangedEventArgs Provides information about changed the data event.
DataStateChangeEventArgs Custom data service event types
DialogCloseEventArgs Provides information about a DialogClose event.
DialogEventArgs Provides information about a DialogOpen event.
DragEventArgs Provides information about a Drag, Drag Start/End event.
HeaderArgs Provide information about Swimlane HeaderArgs
QueryCellInfoEventArgs Provides information about a QueryCellInfo event.
SortComparerFunction Custom Sort Compare Function to sort Swimlane rows.
ConstraintType Defines types to be used as ConstraintType.
CurrentAction Defines types to be used as CurrentAction.
DialogFieldType Defines types used to specifies the Dialog Field Type.
SelectionType Defines types to be used as SelectionType.
SortDirection Defines types to be used as SortDirection.
SortOrderBy Defines types to be used as SortOrder.