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Overview API in JavaScript (ES5) Gantt API control

Name Description
ContextMenu The ContextMenu module is used to handle the context menu items & sub-menu items.
DayMarkers DayMarkers module is used to render event markers, holidays and to highlight the weekend days.
Edit The Edit Module is used to handle editing actions.
Filter The Filter module is used to handle filter action.
RowDD Gantt Excel Export module
Selection The Selection module is used to handle cell and row selection.
Sort The Sort module is used to handle sorting action.
TaskbarEdit File for handling taskbar editing operation in Gantt.
DateProcessor Date processor is used to handle date of task data.
Gantt Represents the Gantt chart component.
GanttChart module to render gantt chart - project view
TaskProcessor To calculate and update task related values
AddDialogFieldSettings Defines dialog fields of add dialog.
Column Configures column collection in Gantt.
DayWorkingTime Defines working time of day in project.
EditDialogFieldSettings Defines dialog fields of edit dialog.
EditSettings Configures edit settings of Gantt.
EventMarker Defines event marker collection in Gantt.
FilterSettings Configures the filtering behavior of the Gantt.
Holiday Defines holidays of project.
LabelSettings Defines labels for task, this will be placed right, left and inner side of taskbar.
LoadingIndicator Configures the Loading Indicator of the Gantt.
ResourceFields Defines mapping property to get resource details from resource collection.
SearchSettings Configures the searching behavior of the Gantt.
SelectionSettings Configures the selection behavior of the Gantt.
SortDescriptor Represents the field name and direction of sort column.
SortSettings Configures the sorting behavior of Gantt.
SplitterSettings Configures splitter position and splitter bar.
TaskFields Defines mapping property to get task details from data source.
TimelineSettings Configures the timeline settings property in the Gantt.
TimelineTierSettings Configures timeline settings of Gantt.
TooltipSettings Configures tooltip settings for Gantt.
WeekWorkingTime Defines working time of day in project.
ChartRows To render the chart rows in Gantt
BeforeTooltipRenderEventArgsData Extending IGanttData and PredecessorTooltip interfaces for data used in BeforeTooltipRenderEventArgs interface.
IGanttData Specifies Gantt-chart interfaces
ColumnMenuItem Defines the default items of Column menu
ContentType Defines PDF ContentType.
DayOfWeek To define the day of a week
DialogFieldType Defines tab container type in add or edit dialog
DurationUnit To define duration unit for whole project
EditMode Defines modes of editing.
ExportType Defines Export Type.
FilterHierarchyMode To define hierarchy mode on filter action
FilterType Defines filter type of Gantt
GanttAction Defines the Undo Redo actions. They are
GridLine To define grid lines in Gantt
PageOrientation Defines PDF page orientation.
PdfDashStyle Defines the PDF dash style.
PdfHAlign Defines PDF horizontal alignment.
PdfPageNumberType Defines PDF PageNumber Type.
PdfPageSize Defines PDF page Size.
PdfTheme Defines the exporting theme
PdfVAlign Defines PDF vertical alignment.
RowPosition To define new position for add action
ScheduleMode To define schedule mode of Gantt
SearchHierarchyMode To define hierarchy mode on search action
SortDirection Defines directions of Sorting. They are
SplitterView To define initial view of Gantt
TaskType To define task type for task
TimelineViewMode Defines the schedule header mode. They are
ToolbarItem To define toolbar items in Gantt
WorkUnit To define work unit for whole project