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DiagramConstraints API in JavaScript (ES5) Diagram API control

Enables/Disables certain features of diagram None - Disable DiagramConstraints constraints Bridging - Enables/Disable Bridging support for connector UndoRedo - Enables/Disable the Undo/Redo support Tooltip - Enables/Disable Tooltip support UserInteraction - Enables/Disable UserInteraction support for the diagram ApiUpdate - Enables/Disable ApiUpdate support for the diagram PageEditable - Enables/Disable PageEditable support for the diagram Zoom - Enables/Disable Zoom support for the diagram PanX - Enables/Disable PanX support for the diagram PanY - Enables/Disable PanY support for the diagram Pan - Enables/Disable Pan support the diagram ZoomTextEdit - Enables/Disables zooming the text box while editing the text Virtualization - Enables/Disable Virtualization support the diagram Default - Enables/Disable all constraints

  • ApiUpdate
  • Bridging
  • Default
  • LineRouting
  • None
  • PageEditable
  • Pan
  • PanX
  • PanY
  • Tooltip
  • UndoRedo
  • UserInteraction
  • Virtualization
  • Zoom
  • ZoomTextEdit